Annual Maintenance Contract by GURU Engineering Kathmandu Nepal

Corporate Training Program in Kathmandu Nepal

Is your computer or laptop problem giving you headache? Are you feeling being slow-down due to trouble raised in your computer or laptop? If you are experiencing the problem with your computer or laptop which you aren’t able to solve yourself and looking to safeguard your computer and laptop with the reduction of maintenance charge and avoid further damage, then remember us for the best AMC plan. GURU is here to solve all the problems of your computer, laptop, smartphone, LCD, LED, printer and other electronic gadgets. Experience best laptop AMC service with the laptop expert at GURU Institute of Engineering and Technology. We serve as per the need of the client and provide best suited problem solving. Long-term commitment by GURU and the quality computer service with value added facilities has made the AMC better for the client to make their computer and laptop out of problem. We provide AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) for our costumers in very reasonable fee. The AMC at GURU is the best way to make your computer, laptop or electronic gadget safe and maintain properly for the best working condition without any hindrances after the AMC service.

The AMC at GURU is for individuals, corporate houses, industries and both small and big companies. The AMC plan designed by GURU for clients is as per their need, requirement and IT equipment quality. Our experts are experienced and can deal with any problems of every brand of computer and laptop such as Dell, Apple, Samsung, Acer, Sony, Toshiba, HP, Lenovo, Compaq, and others. Leave your all IT and Computer related stress away and get the AMC plan at GURU for affordable price. Either it is the hardware or Software problem we can solve it normally and helps you with the installation, maintenance and repair of your computer and laptop in much more effective way.

We know there are individuals and corporate houses working for the best result to achieve. We provide the service for both individuals and corporate houses. The problems with individuals is not more complicated as of the corporate houses. As we know that the business houses are highly dependent on the computerized system and automation. You may have found that the problem with the computer and its program occurs at the wrong moment, when you need it the most. So have a AMC with GURU and get the solution of every problem you face with your computer and laptop network at your home or office of corporate house.

Individual Problems


No Booting
System is not booting in safe mode
System Restarts Automatically
Very slow startup
Forgot Administrator Password
System Light is on but no Display
No Display but Monitor is on
Not logging
System being Very Slow
HDD not showing
Bad sector coming on HDD
Drive formatted by mistake
DVD or CD not reading/writing
DVD rom not reading
Fatal Error Message
Fatal error while working
Printer not working
Browsers not working
Hanging problem
Internet not working
Virus Problem
No sound coming
Video file not opening
Errors showing on Desktop
Games not working
Virtual memory is low
PDF File not opening
Zip file not opening
Unwanted sites opening automatically
Control children’s PC usage
Security and Password setup
Saving Personal Project


Very Slow Startup
System Very Slow
Forgot Administrator Password
Window not Opening
Laptop Showing Blue Screen
No Display
Laptop not Charging
Keyboard not Working
Mouse not Working
Touch-Pad not working
Virus Problem
Internet not Working
Browser not working
Mails not Downloading
Gmail not Opening
Banking Sites not opening
Fatal Error Message
Printer not working
Corporate House Problems

Not Booting but Display is Coming
No Display but Monitor is on
Startup Very Slow
System Restart Automatically
System Slow
System light on but no display
Not logging
HDD Not Showing
DVD / CD not reading/writing
Bad sectors coming on HDD
Virtual memory is low
Data is Missing
Hard Drive or Flash Drive Format by Mistake
Internet not working
Virus Problem
Many unwanted sites are opening automatically
Hanging problem
Fatal error during working
Printer or scanner not working
System is booting in safe mode
IE not working
Voice/Video chat Problem
Many errors on Desktop
Zip file not opening
pdf file not opening

System Slow
No Login
System starts very slowly
Wi-Fi not working
Internet not working
Mails not downloading
Gmail not opening
Outlook not working
Banking Sites not opening
Zip file not opening
pdf file not opening
IP address clashing
Scanner not working
Printer not working
Files deleting or remove automatically
IE not working or very slow

We provide this facilities to our clients…

  • Attend the faulty computer in the shortest possible time.
  • Repair/replace the defective components.
  • Backup of servers.
  • Start up and shut down of servers.
  • Motherboard Repair.

  • Virus, Malware & Spyware Removal.

  • Spill Cleanup services.

  • Memory Upgrade Service.

  • Internal Cleaning services.

  • Data Recovery Service.

  • Data Transfer Services.

  • Resolving server breakdowns with the highest priority
  • Optimize settings to make computer work efficiently.
  • Make you to connect your network flawlessly.
  • Diagnose and resolve the problem.
  • Installation of Server, Driver, Windows, Software.
  • Re-installing the OS or latest OS.
  • Create, update, delete and maintenance of user accounts.
  • Ensuring high availability of networks at all times.
  • Identifying LAN faults & getting them resolved.