Best IT training courses after +2

Best IT Training courses after +2

Most trending Computer IT training courses after +2


Every student has their own target to achieve and destination to reach in the long race of life. It’s quite difficult to know which are the Best IT training courses after passing out intermediate level, special if you are targeting your career in computer science and engineering. Every profession has its own value and importance but in the process of choosing the path, we should be very careful. The career path which we chose, should be of huge opportunities in the future. In this fast-changing world of IT, there is a great career opportunity in this field. So by understanding the need for future Guru Institute of Engineering and Technology has introduced the new advanced courses on mobile engineering, laptop engineering, hardware & networking, web-designing and web programming.

Next journey after +2 is the most important part of our career where we can utilize the time and become an IT professional . The best way to support the career, in the long run, is to gain the technical skills and secure your future. Come join us for securing your career in the field of Technology and Electronic Engineering. Guru Institute of Engineering and Technology offers you the most reliable path for your future. We focus on electronic repair courses and are the best in Mobile repair training and Laptop repair training and it consists of both hardware and software. Become a certified cell phone engineer, laptop expert or programming wizard and be the one to secure smart career in the smart world.

Mobile Training

Mobile Repair Engineering courses

Mobile repair engineering is the total package of mobile phone development and maintenance of both hardware and software. It is the course that offers the mobile chip level repairing and advanced software development. You can join the session for the smart future career in the smart world of engineering and technology. Become a certified mobile development and repairing expert by joining our session and get your career secure. We provide:

Opportunities in Mobile repair Engineering | Iphone repair Engineering

Mobile has been the complementary aspect of life with huge importance for instant communication, data sharing, networking, capturing the moments and enjoying the life with enhanced technology. As much the use of mobile increases, need of repairing experts also increases as every gadget after some time of use needs repairing because not any gadget can last that long without repairing. So there exist huge benefits of mobile repairing. One of the most trending course to study in mobile repairing is IPHone repair training.

Benefits of mobile repair engineering

  • Mobile repairing courses are easy to learn.
  • Mobile repairing: IPHone repairing courses offers high income.
  • Mobile repairing courses are short-term courses with long-term IT carrier.
  • Increasing demand for mobile repairing experts
  • Increasing market for mobile and need of genuine mobile repairing center
  • Mobile repairing brings Independent business opportunities.
  • Opportunity to work as a mobile reparing expert in mobile service centers

There are lots of benefits along with huge opportunities in the market. After the completion of mobile repairing or mobile application development course, you will have the bright career in the field of IT and the smart world. This is the course that links you from simple learning to great smart world of mobile technology. There is a market full of opportunities and all you need is to accept what is beneficial for your career. The opportunities in the market are that you can be an expert in mobile repairing and secure your career. You can have your own repair and service center as an independent business.

Mobile repair Engineering time duration: 4 Months (120 Hrs)

Laptop Training

Laptop Repair Engineering Courses

Laptop repair engineering Courses is the total package of laptop chip level hardware repairing and software development. We offer both hardware and software training in a single package and separate way also. The need and demand for laptop repairing expert are increasing in the market due to the increasing use of the laptop in the home, schools, colleges and in the corporate offices. Increase in the use of laptop has made the huge demand for laptop repairing expert in the current market. Come and join us to secure your career in the smart world of technology and laptop engineering. We offer the advanced laptop repairing course with update syllabus to meet the global competition of laptop repair engineering.

What we provided on laptop repairing courses?

Opportunities of Laptop Chip Level repair training

We provide the students with no technical background who join in are made well versed by starting from the basics and gradually proceeding to advanced chip level training. A concise and in-depth knowledge of almost all topics related to Laptop repairs is provided. On the completion of the course, the students are practically fit to start working as a technician in a service center or they are made confident enough to start their own business. The market of laptop has been increased in a huge way, so is the demand for laptop repairing experts. There is secured career in the field of laptop repairing engineering with lots of benefits.

Benefits of Laptop repair training courses

  • Laptop repairing courses are easy to learn.
  • Chip Level laptop repairing offers high income
  • Laptop repairing courses are short term course with long-term career.
  • Laptop repairing technician demand is increasing demand day by day.
  • Increasing market for laptop and need of genuine repairing centers.
  • Laptop repairing courses provide independent business opportunities
  • After taking laptop repairing course on can work as a laptop expert in laptop service centers

The market opportunities for a laptop engineering expert is huge and can secure their career with an ease. After the completion of laptop repairing training or software development, one can work as a laptop expert in the laptop repair and service center. If you are planning to have your own laptop care center, it will be the best to complete the course and open it on your own. Laptop repair will earn more and is an interesting work to do, analyzing the problem and troubleshooting the problem. The demand for laptop expert is huge in the market so, be confident and join us to have a secured job for laptop repairing and software development.

The time duration for Laptop repair Engineering: 4 Months (120Hrs)

Salient Features of GLabs on Mobile and Laptop repairing Engineering courses

  • Laptop and mobile experts and experienced instructors take the class and training
  • Training starts from basic electronics to build the base knowledge.
  • Emphasis more on practical training and learning
  • World-class lab with latest mobile and laptop tools and equipments.
  • Comprehensive in-depth syllabus
  • Advanced chip level repair training
  • Provide software DVD, powerpoints and notes
  • Provide tips and tricks on Laptop and mobile repair engineering.
  • Trade secrets to managing own business
  • Grant certificate after completion of courses
  • Technical support in the process of IT career and running own business
  • IT Career guidance for having a job in big companies
  • Job placement after the completion of course


Hardware and Networking courses

Hardware and Networking have been the backbone of the office and organizations. It is the combination of hardware and making combinations to set a network for the smooth operation of the organizational work. The maintenance of hardware and repairing them to make wonderful network is the outcome of hardware and networking. Hardware and Network training is the course which masters the skills required to understand, build and maintain network infrastructure. Build your foundation of networking knowledge in a real world with hardware and Network Training focused on the practical application of the network training courses. We provide network training courses that lead you to gain the confidence, learn the wider vision of networking and develop skills to implement, optimize support and defend network which you build either for the organization, corporate houses, universities or industry-recognized networking and wireless certification including CWNP, Cisco, A+, VMware and network+ certification. To be a capable networking expert, network training most important. For the beginner we provide practical network training for building the base needed for the networking and for those who have an understanding about networking, we excel them with supportive network training required.

Why Hardware and Network Training courses at GLabs

The courses we offer for hardware and network training are aligned with globally recognized career certification including CCNA, CCNP, Cisco CCENT, CCNA R&S, and CCNP R&S. We provide students with better learning on how to become network administrators and network managers.

  • The GURU Institute Of Engineering & Technology is a top listed academic center for Hardware and Network training in Nepal.
  • We offer the most inclusive courses for Network training in Nepal.
  • Placement opportunities after the completion of network training for the deserving trainees.
  • Facility for the Global Exam and Certification.
  • Trainees have access to up-to-date Cisco Course and other network training courses.
  • Globally expert instructors/teachers with real-world experience of industry-based networking.
  • Globally expert instructors/teachers with real-world experience of industry-based networking.
  • Network training with real hardware to configure and test the real-world scenario.
  • Academic Course with real practical implementation is focused rather than course completion.
  • Involvement of students in Project Work for the analysis of real-world projects.
  • Complete network training resources and equipment.
  • World class laboratory for practice.
  • Most trusted institute for the Network Training.

Network Training Course Highlights at GLabs

  • Understanding basic networking components and area of implementation.
  • Diagnosing causes, effects and remedies of common network failure.
  • Using Tools and techniques to protect networking components and infrastructure.
  • Theoretical and Practical understanding of networking build-up, configuration and security.
  • Real Time Project work.

Benefits and Career Opportunities in hardware and networking

The network experts are in high demand in the developing countries like Nepal. With the development in the field of information and technology, the organization is going toward the automation and computerized system. So, the network training has been an essential part of career development. The need for network experts is to establish the networking infrastructure in the organizations, industries, offices and corporate houses. Those who can design, build, manage and secure the networks can have utmost career opportunities in this growing market of network technology. The GURU, a network training institute is providing an opportunity for students and trainees to develop their potential toward network training and enhance their skills and knowledge of networking for the betterment of own’s career. GURU is supporting network training students with placement offers in the different branch of GURU Institutes of Engineering and Technology.

Web Programming

Web Programming | Web Designing

Java Training Corporate Program in Kathmandu Nepal
Web programming and Web-Designing is the package of course that is intended to write a code and develop a computer program. Web programming is a process that leads from an original formulation of a computing problem to executable computer programs via use of internet. Programming involves activities such as analysis, developing understanding, generating algorithms, verification of requirements of algorithms including their correctness and resources consumption, and implementation of algorithms in a target programming language. Web design is the process of creating websites. It encompasses several different aspects, including webpage layout, content production, and graphic design.

Benefits and Opportunities for Web programming and designing

The technology world has been so advanced that most of the works can be done by programming application or software. In Nepal, there is still lack of programmers and designers. So, there are opportunities of having a great career in the web programming and web designing.

Benefits of Web Programming and Web Designing

  • Both web programming and web designing gives huge opportunities in professional career growth.
  • The single product can make a huge earning.
  • Web designing is demanding course in the Nepalese market
  • Lack of good web programmers and designers gives you an immense opportunities in market.
  • Development of business and organization leads to the demand for higher number of web designers.
  • Web programming and designing is fun/.
  • Short term course but long and effective professional IT career opportunities

Arduino Training