BGA reballing L4

BGA reballing M4
Course Duration: 25Hrs

This is the final module of laptop chip level engineering students will get an opportunity to enter lab-v and sit at least 4,5 hours per day, students only exit from institution after complete given task

IN this module we will learn about advanced signal analysis and command of laptop and desktop motherboard

BGA machine operation method

Proper Rebelling Process

Chip fixing and removing process

Intel , Amd, ATI, Nvdia, GMCH, ICH , PCH and Processor

Microcontroller programming using SPI and Serial Programmer

Graphic Laptop to non graphic conversation method

Circuit bypassing method

Signal tracing by Analogue Oscilloscope

Signal tracing by Digital  Oscilloscope



BGA Reballing

Advanced BIOS Repair

Preparation and Bios Edition (support programs and methods)

Preparation and Bios Edition (Decompression and Bios Region)

SIO Bios and the PCH Bios

ME Region (Intel) and manipulating the BIOS files

Bios Dell (Unpacking and Decryption)

Bios Asus (Structure, Unpacking and Handling)

Bios Asus (Structure, Unpacking and Handling)

Advanced Decompression Method (Update Bios)

HP Bios (Structure, Unpacking and Handling)

Bios HP direct data injection in the Bios (Product ID, Serial Number)



Understand the coding ics like CK=CE, DH=DJ EM=FM.

Equivalent IC and Chip