Big Data Training in Kathmandu Nepal


The world of Information and Technology is growing beyond what was expected a decade ago. Every day there is a new advancement in technology and so as the generation of data from those sources. The use of internet is such as huge now days that hardly any corner of the technology is not equipped with the internet as means of communication. All of these communication equipments generate huge amount of data which is generally unprocessed, structured, semi structured, or unstructured at all. These streams of data only serve need of the intended system for the real time period, and beyond that it is either scrap or burden for most of the existing systems and companies because of not having a systematic way to handle it. For instance, a telecommunication vendor may have thousands of requests per day to recharge an amount to a specific communication device, however, the data originated for this request only serves the current purpose, and beyond that it is almost useless. Guru institute of Engineering and technology is a pioneer institute to provide Big data training in Kathmandu Nepal

There are numerous such cases such as weather forecast data which informs in advance to the related areas about its weather situations such as wind, heavy rain, cloud bursts, or any unprecedented weather calamity. As of now, the current technology to utilize such data beyond the current time has not been much successful in order to get its real value because of primary reasons such as high volume, variety and veracity. Multiple benefits can be withdrawn if the data can be processed efficiently, for example – It may be possible to predict and forecast the next calamity that may occur by analyzing historic patterns of ten years of weather data. We conduct professional training on wide varieties of Big Data Technologies.

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Benefits of Big Data Training

  • Multiple companies need Big data skilled professionals for improving efficiency of business.
  • Demand for Big data trained professionals is increasing day by day.
  • Big data professionals are highly paid.
  • Big data trained professionals have secured Jobs world wide.
  • Big data training courses are useful for both programmers and non programmers such as business analysts, administrators etc.
  • Data analysis cost can be reduced highly with the use of big data technologies.