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Course Overview

Chip Level Training in Kathmandu Nepal

Laptop & Mobile chip level engineering is one of the most popular demanded course. It is used worldwide by many top Hardware companies to build Hardware and Chip sets. The trends for Laptop & Mobile chip level training in Nepal are growing higher day by day. It because of the high usage of laptops and smartphones day by day. There are many laptop & mobile chip level training institutes in Kathmandu. But, only rare institutes provide professional laptop & mobile chip level training. In context to Nepal, Laptop & Mobile Chip Level training is getting a heated spark nowadays. Laptop & mobile chip level professional knowledge is not only a secure and reliable but also the most promising source of income too. Guru provides international level professional Laptop & Mobile Chip Level Training in Kathmandu Nepal.

Mobile Chip Level Training in Kathmandu Nepal

We follow the standard operating procedures “SOPs”. In this the device is checked, diagnosed, evaluated for cost, and then required services are executed. Like software problem troubleshooting, hardware repair, and then test the faulty set. Finally time stamp to claim the warranty period. We infix the latest version device software, firmware, repairing components. Components such as a resistor, capacitor, and IC chips from trusty vendors. We follow an international practice. Technicians can practice their skills anywhere around the world without getting biased.

Mobile Chip level training

Mobile Chip Level Training

We Break down our syllabus into four levels of mobile chip level Training. So that student feels easier in learning Mobile chip level training. They are explained below.

Service Level-I Mobile phone repair training

In this level of training, the student will replace all the internal and external parts. Students can fix problems related to mobile phones without any problem. Such as screen, battery, assemble, dissemble and identify the fault of different modules. This is the first level of mobile chip level training.

Service Level-II Mobile phone repair training

This is the second module of the mobile phone repairing course. In this module, a student will learn SMD components. Also, they learn to troubleshoot fault of electronics components also replaces faulty components.

Service level -III Mobile phone repair training

After completing the II module of mobile repair training, students can join the III level. Students can learn basic software to advanced level software. Students learn to use different dongles and the latest tools of software flashing.

Service Level – IV Mobile phone repair training

This is the final module of the phone chip level course provides by GURU. In this module, students can learn the core chip level. They will also learn the schematic analysis of mobile phones. For this, they use different software and machines for mobile phone repairing. Students can replace BGA IC’s Touch IC’s and other BGA components.

Laptop chip level training in Kathmandu at Guru Institute of Engineering & Technology

Guru has introduced a special package for Laptop & Mobile chip level training in Kathmandu. The trends for laptop & mobile chip level training are quite becoming popular in context to Nepal. Laptop & Mobile chip level experts are in demand at many service centers such as DELL, APPLE, HP, TOSHIBA, and other popular companies. Guru provides 100% chip level laptop and phone training courses with well equipped lab. We provide branded and imported high-quality tools for students. We are sharing more than decades of experience in Nepal. We provide 100% placement in Kathmandu and out of the valley in Pokhara, Dhangadi, Nepaljung, and many more cities of Nepal.

Application of Chip level

Laptop chip level training: Basically, we divide Laptop training into four modules

Basic Card Level Laptop training

In this module, students will able to know about different types of laptops and their basic faults and can easily handle basic troubleshooting in software and hardware. A student could also be able to detect RAM, Hard disk, Keyboard, Screen, Battery, Charger, Wi-Fi, and Touchpad devices.

Component level Laptop Training

Students will learn Digital electronics and identify the faults of electronics components such as resistors, capacitors and MOSFETS and other components.

Circuit level Laptop Training

This is the third module of laptop repairing training. Students will learn about schematic designs and schematic analysis of the laptop. Students can also easily understand how the Laptop circuit is designed and details about internal and external layers of laptop PCB.

Core laptop chip level Training

This is the final module of laptop chip level training provides by GURU. In this module, students will re-fix and re-ball the intel, AMD, NVIDIA BGA chips and re-ball the different IC’s of laptops and Microcontroller using BGA Machine and SMD Rework stations.

Scope of Chip Level Training in Kathmandu Nepal

Nowadays Laptop, Computer & Mobile chip level is emerging as one of the most popular and demanding chip-level technology in Nepal, however, professional Chip level experts are rarely available in the market. Many Students search for the best Laptop, Computer & Mobile chip level training institute in Kathmandu, however, they do not find a good Laptop, Computer & Mobile chip level training institute in Kathmandu and become fade up. The academic institutions providing Laptop, Computer & Mobile chip level training classes in Kathmandu are not much industry oriented due to lack of expert instructors in the domain. Guru Institute of Engineering & Technology is focused to bridge this gap by providing real-time industrial professional Laptop, Computer & Mobile chip level training in Nepal to the highly emerging and passionate group of Engineering & Technology students. Students get real-time opportunities to work on live projects, interact and learn with internationally renowned Laptop, Computer & Mobile chip level professional experts.

How Guru Engineering is facilitating Chip Level Training in Kathmandu Nepal at Research and Development lab (R&D)
How Research and development Labs – Guru Laptops, Computer & Mobile chip level training institute in Kathmandu Nepal is facilitating students?
• Learning from internationally renowned Professional chip-level experts
• Participation in Live Industry Projects
• Teaching through Bread Board& Proteus software (PCB Designing)
• Separate Teaching faculties & Globally Certified Trainee
• Individual setup
• Every Year and 6 Month GD
• Genuine tools and equipment’s
• Native and foreign language classes
• Fast Track courses available
• Live project
• Engaged in client Laptop and mobile phones


Laptop Repairing Training Center, Kathmandu Nepal

Laptop Repairing Training in Nepal is the most relevant and necessary training in today’s world. Laptop repairing has been very crucial in our life. People want to be sure they have the good quality of laptop functioning in proper condition. Yet, getting the quality is quite difficult from the laptop dealers in Nepal. One can’t trust the service center as they mayn’t give qualitative product or charge high price for it. With the pace of technology, there is a need for professionals who can address the issue. People always seek for a reliable place to find and solve the problem of new technology.

We provide the best laptop repairing training in Kathmandu. We provide training in major cities like Pokhara, Dhangadi, Butwal and other cities. We provide reliable services to fix the problem. Guru has professional teachers and equipment to train students. GURU pioneers in Smart Technology and Engineering with a ‘Skill Development Program’. We providing opportunities to learn via live project exposures and real-time working culture. Guru is always head in best laptop repairing training in Kathmandu.

We welcome everyone willing to join our academic training chip level repairing program. There is no bound to those willing to study. There are no criteria to join our program. Yet, a small skill test is conducted and counseling is done. The test is taken to help the students reach their goals and strengthen their weaknesses. After that classes of different modules are undertaken followed by the tests. Finally, the student is allowed to work as “On the Job Training” practitioner in a service center. Students here could master their laptop repairing training skills in the relevant domain.

Best Chip level Laptop Repairing training center in Kathmandu

Guru is one of the pioneer in laptop repairing training institute in Kathmandu Nepal. Guru is able to create distinguished shapes in across Nepal. With its more than 16 Guru care centers all over Nepal. We are able to distinguish by providing high level of certified Best laptop training. Also, Advance chip level Best laptop training in Kathmandu.

Chip level training

Laptop Chip Level Training

A laptop repairing training technician should have the knowledge of the levels of laptop and its components. We Break down our syllabus into four levels of laptop chip level Training. So that student feels easier in learning Laptop chip level training. They are explained below.

Card Level laptop repairing Training

Card Level Best laptop Training course at GLabs organizes Best laptop, computer, and Mobile fundamental concepts of basic Best laptop repairing. To gain mastery over this level one should have the potent knowledge of components like RAM, CPU, SMPS, and Screen, etc. concerning the problems that may occur from their malfunctioning and also to detect and solve those sorts of problems. They also need to have the knowledge of formatting, partition, driver setup and many more.

Component Level Laptop repairing Training

In this level, students are introduced with different components. Components making motherboard work such as Mosfet, Diodes, capacitors, Inductors, resistors etc. The main aim of this level is to make understand the working principles of these components. This will help them to diagnose the faults in these devices.

Circuit Level Laptop repairing Training

This level is about providing about the circuits in the laptops, and computers. Gaining the ability to understand the circuits is crucial to reach to the core level of laptop repairing.

Chip level Laptop Repairing Training

It is the core repairing level in which diagnosing a motherboard is explain. There are only a few chip level technicians in Nepal. In this level, one must be familiar with studying schematics, signals and data of a motherboardIn this level conquering mastery over equipment like Hot air gun, soldering iron, digital oscilloscope, component tester, BGA rebelling machine must.

Why choose Guru for Chip Level Training?

Guru Institute is a place where a competent technician is born. We have the latest devices and software’s to troubleshoot and repair all the devices. We have professional equipment and teachers. Teachers here are with years of experience. So, our students can learn to diagnose the fault in a systematic pattern and fix the problems. The reason why you must choose Guru for Laptop repairing training. The following points are the reason that one should choose the GURU.
  • Training in sophisticated devices and advanced laptops
  • 100% job oriented courses on smart hardware and networking
  • Molding each candidate to become a Techno Entrepreneur
  • Achieved 100% Placement record in 2017/2018
  • Building Technical manpower for nation-building
  • 25+ Care centers all over Nepal and 3 Branches
  • Scholarship for deserving candidates
  • Real-time hands-on practical learning
  • Career counseling and Guidance

Certification for Chip Level Training



Upon the completion of training, Guru provides a letter of accomplishment for students. We provide placement for successful trainees.


Why Chip Level Training in Kathmandu at GLabs?

Guru provides extensive specialization in professional chip level training. Experts at Guru are providing students the nectar of their years of experience in laptop and mobile repairStudents can handle all the laptop and mobile repairing problems while getting training at GLabs.

Here, we teach students with a very competitive syllabus. Students are focused to learn about the growing market in this field. Guru has every sound environment to learn about laptop and mobile repairing. We make students ready to compete globally. Guru is one of the best inclusive chip level repairing training centers in Kathmandu, Nepal. Guru offers well-structured professional chip level training based upon the recruitment needs in the IT market.

How Our Chip Level training center is different than others?

  • Chip level training at our center GLabs provides real-time hands-on works on industry live projects.
  • We make sure the theory is well understood showing a real-time demonstration. We here teach in practical ways where they are to be implemented in projects

Students at our training center could get the realization of the real-time project. Also, work handling is like the operations executed in industries. With our industry-oriented globally updated syllabus, students would not get any significant challenges after joining the chip level training students. We provide opportunities to deserving students in different companies.

The students also get the opportunity to show their project works as part of tech talks. Students from GURU are in different honored companies around here in Kathmandu and other different cities.

How students can benefit from Chip Level Training at GLabs?

With the growth of development in the digital world, every people has laptop and mobile phones. As a good laptop and laptop repair expert, it is crucial to have knowledge related to laptop and mobile. In this regard, the trends in adopting the challenges of laptop and mobile chip repairing are becoming very popular.

The trends seem to be growing day by day as laptop and mobile products are revolving quite flexible. This is too attracting the students to learn chip level training. This seems to be one of the promising and growing IT carrier market. Guru is facilitating laptop training with the use of a very competitive syllabus and technology.

The specialty of GLabs – Chip level training center in Kathmandu

Well-equipped lab at GURU is advantages for the students learning the course. The experts here in GURU helps students learning in a sound environment. Competitive course content in GURU makes students learn quickly.  The course content here makes students make adaptive in the market.

Future of Chip level Training From GLabs

The future of Chip repairing Training is one of the most promising fields in the IT industry. Guru Institute of Engineering & Technology is providing extensive services in this field. Apart from it, Guru specializes in laptop chip level training. Professional experts orient chip level training in the practical industry-based international syllabus.

Chip level training in Nepal is one of the most promising fields. Students at Guru are observed to get 100% placement in top laptop repair companies. Also, many students are abroad after gaining skills in our academics. Guru provides a rich level of laptop repairing training in Kathmandu.

Laptop Chip Level training at GLabs – Laptop Repairing training in Kathmandu Nepal

Guru also provides laptop and mobile chip level training with a very competitive syllabus. With the specialized lab here in Guru, students can learn chip level training along with laptop repairing training. The syllabus for this training is a breakdown in 5 levels. All these 4 levels are taught to students in very efficient ways. 

We also give this course in various cities of Nepal. Students in Guru get live practical knowledge. This course leads students into wide space for job opportunities. Chip level training in Guru is one of the leading course among many courses. Students after getting chip level training can have 100% placements for sure. Also, they can compete in the global market, since the course standard is very relevant to the current time and situation.

Course Features

  • Mid Level
  • Yes

What you Get?

  • Well equipted lab
  • Highly experience instructure
  • Realtime project development
  • Internship in IT Industry
  • Job placement