Corporate Training in Kathmandu Nepal

Corporate Training Program at GLabs – Guru IT Training Center in Kathmandu Nepal

GURU Institute of Engineering and Technology Pvt. Ltd. (also referred as GURU) is the leading Training Institute in the Technological field. GURU is located in the heart of Kathmandu, New Baneshwor and is happy to offer its expertise in Corporate Training. Our tried and true system is based of over 11 years cumulative experience shared between our trainers. We pride ourselves on setting up our clients for success in corporate level and are sure that you will leave our sessions more prepared than you have ever been before. We have dedicated ourselves for the service of individuals, firms and organizations by offering our expertise in IT training and related problem solving.

Corporate Training Program in Kathmandu Nepal

Guru is one of the trusted partners for Corporate Training for the employees and managers of an organization, and we are excited at the opportunity to strengthen our existing relationship. We are glad to demonstrate to you, through this proposal, that we have the capabilities, people, processes, technology and the desire to be your strategic partner of choice. Our primary objective is to develop an environment of fairness, honesty, integrity and courtesy towards our clients, vendor and society at large. We are committed to our customers and partners and have a passion for technology. We take on big challenges, and pride ourselves on seeing them through. We provide Professional and Advance Corporate Training in exchange for the payment(s) described in this Proposal. This Proposal describes in detail the duties of each of the parties in completing the Corporate Training with a contract to be signed.

We, GURU Institute of Engineering and Technology are pioneer institute to make an effort to render the advance training for the corporate level officers and employees to enhance their capabilities and efficiency. With the proposal for Corporate Training, we are ready to render the service of your desire and necessity with our experience and excellence in Advance Excel, Advance PowerPoint, Hardware and Networking, Cisco/CCNA/CCNP, Web Security and Skill Development Programs training.

Corporate Training Programs at GLabs – IT Training Center in Kathmandu, Nepal

Corporate training is a means of ensuring that employees improve skills and enhance performance by focusing on professional development. There are wide varieties of specialized corporate training courses and advanced professional learning intended to improve professional skills and knowledge. We have different variety of Corporate Training programs with experts to guide and train you throughout the training period with ease and excellence so that you can enhance your efficiency and can be a professional to support your career.

Corporate training is the need of every organization and every employer utilize training to accumulate new employees, teach current employees new skills for the same job, and to advance employees into jobs requiring different skill sets. Many corporations consider it key to provide training and development so that employees can compete on their behalf in ever-changing markets. So, it is important for every organization to have Corporate Training for their officers and employees for its own betterment.We are rendering our corporate training on below specific programs.

Advance Excel training at GLabs – Guru Advance Excel Training Center in Kathmandu, Nepal

Microsoft Excel is something that we work on in our daily life, be it a student or an accountant or any other business professional. While Microsoft excel is an irreplaceable part of the business field, it is also widely used in other fields such as nonprofit organizations, hospitals, and educational institutions. Every one of us knows all the basic functions of Microsoft Excel but there are many advance terms associated with it that not many are aware of. Advanced Excel today is the need of the time and learning the skills of advanced excel can make you stand out among a big crowd of people. You might be wondering what is Advanced Excel? Don’t worry it is not some other application it is just Microsoft excel where you move ahead from the basic function and use complex formulas and techniques to enhance your work. So here in this Corporate Training you will learn about the most amazing benefits of Advanced Microsoft Excel training. Advance Excel is the need of every accountants and officers related to accounting for the efficient performance. The benefits of advance excel for an organization:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Make use of pre-existing employees
  • Get quick and painless training
  • Reduce IT load
  • Keep good talent around

The benefits of advance excel for employees:

• Improve your skills
• Increase your efficiency
• Up your value as an employee
• Make your job easier in ways you can’t imagine
• Enjoy working more

Advance PowerPoint Training at GLabs – IT Training Center in Kathmandu, Nepal

Microsoft PowerPoint is an easy program to use and a powerful tool for giving a presentation. Whether your presentation needs a visual kick, tools for collaboration, easy access or the ability to share information beyond the initial meeting, PowerPoint is a good option. It can even help reduce speaking anxiety by drawing eyes away from the speaker and towards a screen. PowerPoint presentation provides an opportunity to increase presentation skills to business professionals. PowerPoint is a complete presentation graphics package. It gives you everything you need to produce a professional-looking presentation. PowerPoint offers word processing, outlining, drawing, graphing, and presentation management tools- all designed to be easy to use and learn.

The best use of PowerPoint is for the presentation, conference, seminars and meeting where the agenda can be presented in eye catching way with the help of diagrams, tables, figures and other different data presentation tools. A manager can enhance his/her plan with the PowerPoint presentation. In the world of technology, it’s not suitable to carry a bundle of file for a meeting or conference. The best way is to make an advance PowerPoint with all the necessary subject matters and present it with ease. This Advance PowerPoint course helps you make advance level presentation which can make you unique among the group of many.

Benefits of Advance PowerPoint Training

• Create and modify professional looking presentations
• Use of visual as great impact
• Collaboration for team work
• Easy for Content Sharing
• Flexibility
• Creating presentations with more impact
• Incorporate MS Excel Data into MS PowerPoint with minimum fuss
• Deliver large amounts of Information on a Slide
• Best suitable for preparing interactive Conference and Seminar

Hardware and Networking at GLabs – Guru Hardware and Networking Training Center in Kathmandu, Nepal

Hardware training courses, advance hardware training courses such as chip level hardware training, mobile phone training are one of the most demanding training programs as Laptops, Computers and Smart phones are widely used in Nepal but there comes a huge question mark when it comes to repairing them. The status of maintenance of such devices is very poor in context of Nepal. There is lack of technical expertise in this sector. In providing such services, in context to Nepal, there are amateurs and fake personalities who claim to be experts in hardware training domain in Nepal. As a result there is crisis of quality service when it comes to maintenance of such gadgets.

With training of Hardware and Networking you can solve all those hardware and network problems that are arising in the organization. There are lots of computers and laptops connected with each others in a network for the purpose of sharing files and other contents. But the works in an organization get delayed if a single computer or laptop gets problems. So for the smooth operation of organizational work there must the proper functioning of all the computers and laptops without any network problem. For this there should be an expert to solve the problems that may arise in the process of working. If your organization doesn’t have one, you need to depend on other experts and it takes time and money for the maintenance. So, why not train your own employee and make your official work done properly without any time delay. The best way is to have Hardware and Network training for your staff and secure your efficiency.
Hardware and Network Training Corporate Program  in Kathmandu Nepal

Benefits of Hardware and Network at GLabs – IT Training Center in Kathmandu, Nepal

• Enhance skills and knowledge
• Supports future career
• Makes efficient use of time without any delay in work because of hardware and networking problem
• Can solve any related problem and maintain it for the further use
• Increase efficiency of staffs
• Reduce IT Load
• Extend assistance, support and advice to those in your network
• Increase your sources of information
• Bounce business ideas and thoughts off a wide range of connections
• Stay current with what’s happening in your industry or the local area
• You will be able to practice and perfect talking about your business and use this in your marketing
• It can yield a great return on investment as it is usually free or low cost to participate

Cisco Training | CCNA Traininng | CCNP Training at GLabs – IT Training Center in Kathmandu Nepal

The Cisco/CCNA/CCNP is the certification of Information Technology in networking from Cisco. It is an Associate-Level Cisco carrier certification which focuses on information security, security operation, cloud collaboration, design, data center technologies, industrial plants, service providers and wireless services. Cisco/CCNA/CCNP training is very important for the knowledge and organizational operation. The theoretical knowledge and practical experience helps competing in the real field of Networking. Cisco has now several types of Cisco-Certified Network Associate courses with “CCNA routing and switching” being closet to the original CCNA focus. CCNA is the first certification in Cisco´s line of certifications that an aspiring networking professional must acquire in order to add value to their IT networking career. Cisco/CCNA/CCNP is the foundation of networking skills that include the fundamentals like OSI Reference Model, Networking Protocols, Layer 2 Switching Concepts and Protocols, Routing Concepts and Protocols, and Wide-Area Networking (WAN) Connectivity. An organization must be security of their networks and have abilities to provide basic network installations and troubleshooting.

Benefits of Cisco CCNA CCNP training

• Most valuable course in Networking
• Provides the basis for all networking topologies and protocols
• Provides the installation and maintenance of network infrastructure
• Certification gives more career option in networking
• Secure your information
• Secure your network
• Secure your internet and cloud information

Web Security Training

Web security is the process of securing confidential data stored online from unauthorized access and modification. This is accomplished by enforcing stringent policy measures. A web threat is any threat that uses the World Wide Web to facilitate cybercrime. Web threats use multiple types of malware and fraud, all of which utilize HTTP or HTTPS protocols, but may also employ other protocols and components, such as links in email or IM, or malware attachments or on servers that access the Web. Web application security, is a branch of Information Security that deals specifically with security of websites, web applications and web services. At a high level, Web application security draws on the principles of application security but applies them specifically to Internet and Web systems.
Internet security is a broad term that refers to the various steps individuals and companies take to protect computers or computer networks that are connected to the Internet. One of the basic truths behind Internet security is that the Internet itself is not a secure environment. It would be virtually impossible to secure every computer connected to the Internet around the world, so there will likely always be weak links in the chain of data exchange.

Benefits of Web Security Training

• Protection of customers
• Protection of server
• Protection of reputation
• Protection of business operation
• Gain control of web operation
• Makes us confidence in playing offence not defense
• Stay up-to-date
• Mute email annoyance

Professional JAVA Training at GLabs – Java Training Center in Kathmandu Nepal

Java programming is one of the most popular programming language which is used worldwide by many top software companies to build software IT products. Java was designed to have the look and feel of the C++ language, but it is simpler to use than C++ and enforces an object-oriented programming model. Java can be used to create complete applications that may run on a single computer or be distributed among servers and clients in a network.
Java  Training Corporate Program  in Kathmandu Nepal
The trends for Java training in Nepal is growing higher day by day because of its popularity, robustness, security, reliability, and wider usage worldwide. In context to Nepal, Java programming is getting a heated spark nowadays. Many software companies in Nepal are shifting their software development trends in java as it is more reliable, secure and robust than its competitors in multiple aspects such as security, reliability, and scalability. Android is running more than 70% of the mobile operating systems which has been built on the top of Java programming APIs. This also proves that Java is not only secure and reliable but most developer friendly language too.

Benefits of Professional JAVA Training

• Java is easy to learn and use than other programming language
• This allow to create modular programs and reusable code
• It is secure
• Mature ecosystem with lots of libraries and frameworks for every taste
• Large community of developers
• Excellent multifunctional IDEs
• Good performance
• It is user and designer friendly
• Write once, Run everywhere
• It is object oriented
• It is robust
• Best for mobile development

Web Programming Training with PHP

Web programming is developing a website for the internet (World Wide Web) or intranet (Private networks). Web programming refers to the writing, markup and coding involved in web development which includes web content, web client and server scripting and network security. The most common language used for Web Programming are PHP, XML, HTML, Python, Java, C/C++, JavaScript and Perl 5. Web programming can range from developing the simplest static single page of plain text to the most complex web-based internet applications. It requires interdisciplinary knowledge on the application, client and server scripting and database technology.

With the increase in the use of internet for every purpose, the number of websites getting developed is increasing each day. We have moved from static to dynamic website and PHP has made it easier for us to develop such dynamic websites. PHP, a server side scripting language has got an enough benefits which have become the reasons of it being extensively used across the world for developing high class websites.

Benefits of Web Programming Training with PHP

• Easy to learn
• Familiarity with syntax
• Efficiency in performance
• High control with few line of code than other
• It is cost effective
• Efficient and enhance performance of website developed in PHP
• Huge access of support
• It has independent platform
• It supports all major web browser; Windows, Mac OS, Linux, UNIX
• Supports all servers
• It is secured with different security layers
• Tested, proven and trusted by billions of people
• It has powerful output buffering
• It can be used with large number of rational database
• It is object oriented language
• Secure, fast and reliable

Big Data Training at GLabs – Big Data Training center in Kathmandu Nepal

Big data is an evolving term that describes any voluminous amount of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data that has the potential to be mined for information. The traditional data processing application software are inadequate to deal with them. Big data includes capturing data, data storage, data analysis, sharing, transfer, visualization, querying, updating, information policy and data sources. Big data refers to the use of predictive analytics, user behavior analytics or certain other advanced data analytics methods that extract value from data and seldom to a particular size of data set. The aim in analyzing this data is to uncover patterns and connections that might be invisible and might provide valuable insight. Through this insight, business may be able to gain an edge over rivals and make superior business decisions.

Big data allows analytics allow the users to evaluate large volume of transactions data and other data source that traditional business systems would be unable to tackle. Sophisticated software programs are used for big data analytics. Big data analytics environment and technology has emerged including Hadoop, MapReduce and SQL database. This technologies make up an open source software framework that’s used to process huge data sets over clustered systems.

Benefits of Big Data Training

• Cost effective and reduces the cost
• It increases your efficiency and save time
• Improve your pricing decisions
• You can compete with big business
• Allow you to focus on local preferences
• Helps you increase sale and loyalty
• New product development by knowing the trends
• Using Big Data ensures that you hire the right employee
• Understand the market conditions
• Control online repudiation

Responsibilities of GLabs – Big Data Training center institute in Kathmandu

• Guru will provide the training explicitly on the basis of subject syllabus.
• The training can be provided at GLabs – Guru training center building or on premise at the client location depending on the feasibility and mutual understanding.
• Guru takes the sole responsibility for providing professional level quality training.
• Upon the completion of training, Guru provides the letter of accomplishment of the course to successful trainees signed by instructor.

Responsibilities of Client
• The trainee must be available for training within the agreed time and date. Any other cases for non availability, except for the prior agreed urgencies of both parties, the trainee himself /herself will be responsible for lapse of session. Guru will not be responsible for repeating the sessions.

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