Makers Space

Makers space

“Makers Space” is unique blending of technology and art program conducted by Guru Institute of Engineering and Technology where a student in school is nurtured to develop innovative thoughts and realize its prototype implementations via use of locally available materials and commodity technology resources. This program is all about mindset of creating something out of nothing and exploring children’s own interests. The joy of making something by their own enhances creativity, deep learning, and excel their creativity: Such environment creates an opportunity for gaining skills in the field of science & technology along with the art. This platform provides a unique opportunity for experimenting with different ideas and dreams into reality, learn new skills and strategies while accomplishing the project task.

Every child is a born Maker. Makers Space provides an environment for collaborative work inside a school facility for making, learning and sharing creative ideas. Usages of diverse set of tools and technology materials such as Drilling Machine, Electric Grinder, Arc Welding, Blow Torch, Hack Saw, Bench Vise, Screw Driver, Multimeter, Paper Cutter, Scissor, Soldering Iron, even Sewing Machine etc. provide students the basic understanding of technology tools, which helps to upbring their hidden talents at front and create a desire for shaping carrier in the field of technology in future.

Why Makers Space is today’s necessity for school children ?

Provides a connection between lessons and the real world

Makers space provides a way to show students that the concepts do have practical applications outside of their tests. Seeing how concepts and ideas work in the real world also provides students with a memorable example that typically improves their understanding of those concepts.

Engages minds and encourages questions

Even the best lecture cannot engage minds and encourage questions the way a hands-on –approach does. A makers space gives them everything they need to start examining an idea to see how and why it works.

Enhances problem solving skills

In the real world problem solving is an invaluable skill. Makers space gives students a way to see how problems can be solved and encourages them to find ways to solve issues.

Encourages rethinking the concepts

Changing ones mindset is a very tough job. Makers Space gives them a chance to see not only why their thinking is wrong but to see what is right or what works better. It is important to know that most problems can be solved in several different ways.

Target Group
This program is intended for students from grade 4 and above. Students at this age are very energetic and creative; channelizing their energy; transforming their mindset and exercising their imaginations.

The idea of making was there, since the beginning of time. Every born child is a maker by nature: using hands, tools, breaking, bonding things for fun, and learn during the process. This program is intended for eager-young-minds in exploring how things can be done in different ways. This environment boosts the creativity, leadership, and confidence needed to tackle problems ahead.