Product Development

Product Development at Guru involves process of creating, upgrading, designing, programming, testing, documenting and fixing problem with innovation of new application, framework or software components. New product development includes research, upgrading, re-engineering, reusing and mostly innovating new product.

Our approach for the product development is to bring out the new ideas for the customers to succeed in their business and achieve their goals, by innovating and developing creative solution that helps them drive their business ahead. We have the skills and knowledge to change your ideas into a market leading solution by designing software for you. The software design is for you, developed and deployed by us for success and growth of your firm and corporate house.

Enterprise Application Development with JAVA / J2EE

Enterprise Application Development is an advance software system platform designed to operate in a corporate environment such as business organization, corporate house, offices and companies. Enterprise application consist a group of programs and software with shared business applications designed for unparalleled functionalities of the organizations and companies. We are providing most reliable Enterprise Application or Software that helps you to improve operational performance and enhanced efficiency with controlled growth and development of enterprise.

We are entering into the world of connected customer in a single circle which bounds each other with the motive of having best services. So, we are designing and developing such Enterprise Applications that satisfy thousands and more of different requirements and necessities with JAVA/J2EE. We provide Enterprise Application with installation, customization and support for different organizations. We help your company to be an effective, efficient and process-driven organization.

Android Apps Development

Android Apps Development is the process by which new application are created and upgraded for the devices having android operating system. A great android apps inevitably have attractive design, easy navigation, smooth operation, and should offer great user experience. We design congenital android mobile apps which is consistent across devices and operating system. With the growing market for android apps day by day and huge number of download from the apps store, your apps should be unique and possess high quality.

We provide customers with higher level apps of unbeatable quality and eye-catching features believing in creating best user experience, not only user interface. The android apps development at us creates ideas into reality. Experience the utmost desired android apps development with GURU.

Website Development

Website Development is the summation of various work involved in developing webpage for World Wide Web and private network. With your website you cannot only let people know about your existence, but also can enhance your revenue and earnings by attracting more customers. For boasting in the market, increasing your customers and for all other business purpose you must own a website with all required factors. And that’s what we serve with creating a brand-new website with cutting-edge attraction for the individuals and corporate. To have all these facilities and to cop up with the latest technological market trends, you must own an exceptional website with revealing content and latest back end technology.

It is said that “First impression of the web design creates maximum impact on customers mind.” So, the website must be well designed full of necessary information that can attracts and impress the visiting customers. We are serving our customers with great website design transforming their ideas into reality at brilliant price and friendly environment. A pristine and fast loading site is ensured at us with wow factors to attracts the customers.

Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics is the process of analyzing large and varied data sets to disclose hidden patterns, unrevealed correlations, current market trends, consumer preferences and utilitarian information for helping organizations to take enlightened business decision. This is the age of strategies and every decision is to be guided by secrete information. With the bulky information to process for uncovering hidden messages, Big Data Analytics is used. Guided by specialized analytics system and software, Big Data Analytics can pin point the direction to business benefits including new revenue opportunities, strategic marketing, utmost customer services, enhanced operational efficiency and combative advantage over contenders.

We are expert in Big Data serving through many years providing the best application to reveal the unrevealed information so that it can help the business organization to have most appropriate decision. On broad scale, we provide big data analytics technologies and techniques to analyze data sets and drawing conclusion best suited for them with future orientation and growth.

IOT (Internet of Things)

Internet of Things (IOT) is the system or a network of physical things submerged with sensors, software, actuator, electronic devices and network connection to enables exchange of data and information between these devices and other internet-embedded devices connected to the system. IOT enables objects to connect and exchange data uniquely identifiable through computing system inter-operating within the existing internet infrastructure. Billions of physical devices around the world are connected to internet sharing and collecting data. The chip processor and wireless network has made it possible to turn anything, from a paper to plane, into a part of IOT.

We are creating opportunities for direct combination of physical world into computer-based systems resulting in enhanced accuracy, efficiency, and economic welfare reducing human intercession. Development of devices such as camera streaming live feeds of animal in forest or game in a stadium, automobiles with built-in sensors, heart monitoring implants, biochip transponders on farm animals, DNA analysis devices or field operation devices that assist firefighters in search and rescue operations are best results of IOT. These devices collect data with various existing technologies and automatically transfer the data to other devices connected in a system. By the combination of these connected devices in a automated system it is easier than before to gather information, analyze it and take action for the particular task and objective.

Robotics and AI

Robotics is a branch of science and engineering which deals with the creation, design, operation and use of robot with sensor and control through computer system. Robots are developed to substitute and replicate human and automation with accuracy and efficiency. So, Robotics attempt to make robot that can replicate walking, speaking, cognition and other basic things that a human being are doing. Today, robotics has been growing rapidly in different areas with the continuity of advancement of technology being used in home, commerce, military or industry. Robotics is the summation of electronics, computer science, artificial intelligence, mechatronics, nanotechnology and bioengineering.

We are offering the latest version and developed robotics design and creation, leading in the current scenario of robotics.

We design by following the basic principle of robotics, i.e.
1. Robots must never harm human beings.
2. Robots must follow instructions from humans without violating rule 1.
3. Robots must protect themselves without violating the other rules.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a major area of computer science that emphasizes on creating machines with intelligence that can work and react like human beings. AI is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines or computer systems. It includes learning, reasoning, self-correction and other. We are serving with system of AI in computer system building Voice Command, Speech Recognition. AI is the future of computer science and technology with its immeasurable impact on the field of computing and command recognition. We are collaborating with leading industries to bring best of AI.

Our graduates are a valuable addition for working in any team with the domain of AI. If you are prepared to start building the impossible, your steps for the future of Artificial Intelligence starts here. Success in understanding human speech has lead the AI to progress for next task. The competition of chess, autonomous and sensor car, military simulation, interpretation of complex data has been achieved.