Arduino Training In Kathmandu Nepal

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Course Overview

Overview of Arduino Training
Arduino training courses are widely popular around the world nowadays. Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping board. It is a platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software. It is a board that receives input from the external surroundings with the help of sensors and affects the surroundings by controlling actuators. It has its own IDE (Integrated Development Board) where we can write codes and the code tells the Arduino what to do and upload the code to the microcontroller using a USB cable. Arduino boards are able to read analog or digital input signals from different sensors producing output to run the actuators. Arduino does not need external hardware to upload the sketch (code) like other programmable circuit boards. Arduino IDE is based on a simplified version of C/C++ that makes users easier to learn.

Scopes and future market of Arduino Training experts in Kathmandu Nepal
These days scopes of Arduino training courses are increasing day by day. In this era, people want to interact with the different types of electronic projects. To make those electronic projects they deal with the Arduino to complete the required design. Arduino is one of the best choices for new learners such as students who recently passed SEE or SLC or +2 intermediate exams. Arduino training courses are best for the hobbyist, prototyper, etc. because of its low cost and easy to use. It is easier to learn and understand Arduino. Arduino helps to develop and interact with products inexpensively and control them. Arduino training can provide a large scope in the field of simple DIY projects, robotics, communication, home automation, automatic products and so on. These days Arduino is going to be implemented in the businesses because it can reduce the cost of prototyping. Arduino courses help those companies to make more featured and functional products.

Career opportunities
Advantages and Career opportunities for Arduino training at Glabs in Kathmandu
Arduino training would be much more helpful for the hobbyist, testing purpose and so on. Arduino training will provide you the knowledge to interact with hardware and software. There are a lot of jobs to be carried out where the ability to design and build a prototype system for control or data logging. Being able to interact with Arduino means that you have some experience in programming and electronic circuit development. So this Arduino training could be helpful for dealing with different projects. These days Arduino projects are also implemented in business fields because it provides features to implement the new facility to meet the needs. We can take an example of the Washing Machine which is built for a specific operation, but if Arduino would have been used then the washing machine could provide the results according to the needs. So, Arduino has so many advantages and career opportunities in the field of an embedded system. And Arduino training would be useful for those who want to deal with an embedded system.

After Arduino training, students will be able to
• Learn the basics of electronics and the electronics schematics circuit.
• Learn to design the prototype circuits on a breadboard.
• Learn Arduino programming language and Arduino IDE.
• Learn how to program microcontrollers to control an electronic circuit.
• Learn how to connect prototype design to the Arduino.

Focused Groups for Arduino Training
Arduino training is mostly targetted to those who want to learn to build their own prototype systems. Arduino training is also targetted to the people who just started to learn robotics. People who are interested to do their own projects can take lots of advantages of Arduino training. People who want to learn programming and electronic circuit development can take advantage of Arduino training.

GLabs Specialties
Specialties of Arduino Training at G-Lab
Guru Institute of Engineering and Technology provides Arduino training with better learning. Arduino training in Guru Institute of Engineering is guided by the expert tutors and technicians to make the students eligible to withstand with the capacity to deal with Arduino projects.

The specialties of Arduino training at Guru Institute of Engineering and Technology in Kathmandu are listed below:
1. Guided by expert technicians.
2. Equipment is provided to perform practices.
3. Enough time and space for practice.
4. True and tried way of teaching.

1. Basic Electronics – 10 hrs
1.1 Introduction to Electronics
1.2 Circuit Component (Resistor, capacitor, inductor)
1.3 Diode
1.4 Transistor
1.5 Digital Electronics
1.6 Power Safety and Protection
1.7 Board testing and Troubleshooting

2. Arduino – 12 hrs
2.1 Introduction to Arduino
2.2 Programming in Arduino
2.3 Data types
2.4 Control Statement
2.5 Loop Statements

3. Interfacing hardware and Arduino – 8 hrs
3.1 Motor Control
3.2 Sensors
3.3 LCD

4. Project – 12 hrs
4.1 Traffic Light Controller System
4.2 8×8 LED Matrix Display Board
4.3 Distance Measuring Device