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Electronics Training

Electronics Training in Kathmandu

Overview on Electronics Training 

Electronic devices have become an essential part of our day-to-day life. We live in the generation where Robert and artificial intelligence can do human work with more ease and efficiency. There are lots of job opportunities and income sources that can be made in the field of electronics. This industry highly benefits ordinary people. Consumer elections are the electric devices meant for everyday use.

Electronics Training in Kathmandu
Electronics Training in Kathmandu

What do we offer to you as an institution?

Guru institute provides an electronic training program that is flexible, skills-based in the fundamentals of electronics. This program is for adult learners pursuing training through independent study, specifically students who cannot attend college full-time because of work or family commitments.

This electronic training prepares students for employment and further on-the-job training as a service technician in consumer, commercial, and industrial electronics. Electronics Technician program students intend to assist students with career opportunities in various positions in industrial manufacturing, including the installation and maintenance of industrial electronic equipment. This program can help you obtain the information and abilities needed to succeed in the developing field of high-tech manufacturing.

Is Electronics a good career? 

You can become an electronic engineer that has enormous career options. This field is so vast that includes digital electronics, analog electronics, consumer electronics, embedded systems, and power electronics. Engineering in electronics means electricity and electromagnetism. Electrical engineering is the field where you can perform detailed calculations to perform manufacturing, construction, and installation standards. There are other various career paths for bachelor’s in electronics engineering. They include radio frequency design, mobile communications, electronic control systems, telecommunications, electronic product design, and so on.

Benefits of electronics training course

  1. You will deeply understand the working principle of electronics devices.
  2. Practical electronics is applied everywhere implicated
  3. The electronics hardware degree is the most valuable degree globally.
  4. if you are interested in an Electronics engineering career you can successfully learn those embedded system design
  5. High earning possibility in the sector of electronics training
  6. You can create your own new hardware design
  7. Electronics Training Institute in Kathmandu

Which course is best for electronics? 

There are many different courses such as embedded systems design, CCNA/CCNP, Embedded Linux, Embedded Hardware, Embedded Testing, C programming, etc. that upgrade your horizon in this field.

Is learning Electronics Training is difficult? 

In my opinion, it is always difficult to learn new things. However, anyone can learn Electronics if they show real interest and dedication. The level of difficulty rises from basic to advanced courses. However, we at Guru Institute provide you tutorial materials related to Electronics that have example programs. You may study each line of a program until you are sure why is it written so.

After a few days, you may think of modification and try to program yourself. If you cannot figure out anything, our experts are always there to guide you. The best way to know Electronics is to learn by doing. Several practices will make you perfect and we are here to make you an expert in this course. So, don’t worry!

We can manage training that fits into your schedule. Learn to study and practice more in our well-equipped lab. The electronics course is considered a boon for those who are interested to excel in this area in many different ways. Guru Institute is here to transform your dream into reality!

There are lots of electronics training institutes in Kathmandu, one of them is  Guru Institute is also Where lots of courses are taught by experienced instructors. Electronics is a vast field in the sector of IT and communication, It plays a vital role in the manufacturing of electronics gadgets. It is necessary to join electronics training for new innovation. Guru Best Electronic training institute in Kathmandu teach these course.

Types  of Electronics Training center in kathmandu

Basic electronics Training for hobbies and electronic gadget repair. It is generally fit for those who have a non-IT background and Technical skills. They need to learn basic electronics.

Academic Electronics Training Program

IT is a 4-year bachelor’s degree course program. Where students learn in-depth about electronics. How the electronic device is made up and how to build new creations after learning electronics. This program helps students professionally develop their field of electronics

Guru electronics training institute in Kathmandu

Guru is a pioneer in electronics training in Kathmandu. Where basic to advanced level electronics course is taught by experienced faculties. Morning and evening electronics batches are running at guru Electronics training center Kathmandu, Nepal. Practical-based electronics is the main object of the GURU institute. You will get facilitates of the latest electronics testing kits and devices at Guru Electronics class

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Our Testimonials

Namaste. Me Sandesh Manandhar, I was a student and a trainee at GURU Institute of Engineering and Technology. I found the comfortable environment and well managed training lab to achieve the target I had set. The experienced teacher with well managed lab helped me a lot.

Sandesh Manandhar
Sandesh Manandhar
Hardware Technician

Knowledge is a thing and using that knowledge to change the prospective of yourself of admiring and analyzing the world is another. This is how Guru has provided me with the knowledge and skills in the field of chip level engineering so that I am able to compete with the challenge in the current blooming market of this field.

Kripesh Shrestha
Kripesh Shrestha
Chip Level Export
Device Hub

Hi everyone, I have done Chip Level Training at GURU Institute of Engineering and Technology. I found that GURU is the best place to train our mind and get excellence in what we want to crave. I was struggling to find the hardware training institute in Kathmandu.

Dibyashwor Baral
Dibyashwor Baral
Chip Level Expert
Expert IT Solution

Hello Everyone, I am Suraj. I had hardware training in Kathmandu Nepal at Guru and found it very friendly. At last, I found Guru is the place to develop the skills, knowledge and gain experience in chip level hardware training. Now I am BT care center working as senior mobile technician.

Suraj Bastola
Suraj Bastola
Senior Technician

Hello all, myself Ranjan Sapkota currently working as Sr. Network Technician at Mercantile communication system pvt. Ltd. I’m able to do this because of the network training I received from GURU Institute of Engineering and Technology. GURU is the place where we can learn what we want to learn.

Rajan Sapkota
Rajan Sapkota
Hardware & Network Technician.
Mercantile communication system pvt. Ltd

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