Web Design Training

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Course Overview

Web designing Training is a smartest choice for those who want to grow and enrich their career with rich Internet applications to create web pages. Guru Institute of Engineering and Technology (GLabs) has launched this course keeping the view to develop smart web designers who can create user friendly websites with advanced web designing techniques. Since its inception, Guru has been providing an international level career oriented web designing training program in its training center in Kathmandu Nepal.

Course specialties at GLabs

  • Web Designer trainees would be able to understand and realize the core concept of user experience in web designing
  • Any one with having creative minds and innovative thoughts in web designing can take this course.
  • Would be able to learn and explore web designing concepts and various mocking and templating techniques
  • Would be able to develop professional web site at an international level
  • The course would be concluded by final end to end real time web designing project work

Why Web Design Training at GLabs – Web design Training center in Kathmandu Nepal

  • International level industry experts in graphic and web designing
  • 100% practical oriented audio visual web designing classes
  • Plenty of best web designing books and articles available in PDF
  • Fair degree of placement opportunities for desiring web designing scholars

Course Outline

  • Understanding Web Designing in concepts
  • Wireframe Designing and Concept of prototype development
  • Concept HTML5, CSS and Javascript
  • Adobe Photoshop/Fireworks tools and its usage to create mock ups and prototypes
  • Concepts of Web Hosting, Domain registration

Web design training is one of the most exicitingly trending training course in Nepal. Our web design training center is overly booked during peak seasons. So book your seats as early as possible.

Enroll criteria:

No any special knowledge is required to learn this web designing course.

Duration: 2 Months
Job Opportunities:Trainee will get options to apply for position as Web Designer | UI Designer | UX Designer

Web Designing Course Syllabus

Introduction to Web Technologies

Introduction to Web Technologies
Careers in Web Technologies and Job Roles
How the Website Works ?
Client and Server Scripting Languages
Difference between a Web Designer and Web Developer
Types of Websites (Static and Dynamic Websites)
Web Standards and W3C recommendations

Adobe Photoshop

Introduction of Stock Photography
Types of Image Graphics
Vector Graphics and Tools
Scalar Graphics and Tools
Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
Interface Tour of Photoshop and Palletes
Color Modes and Resolution Options
File Types in Photoshop
Using Photoshop Tools with Realtime Examples

Working with Layers, Grouping and Smart Objects
Image Adjustments
Layer Masking, Layer Clipping
Using Blending Options to create unique effects
Analysis Menu
View Menu / Window Menu
Filter Effects
Photoshop Actions
Automation Tools
Animation using Photoshop
Brochure Designing
Generating PDF Output
Designing a Logo
Creating a Business Card
Design Banners for Website
Realtime Website Layout Design

Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML 4.01)

What is Markup Language
Basic Structure of HTML
Head Section and Elements of Head Section
Meta Tags
External Link Tags
HTML Structure Tags
HTML Structure Tags
Table Tag
Div Tag

Content / Media Tags

Header Tags
Paragraph, Span, Pre Tags
Anchor Links and Named Anchors
Image Tags / Image Hot Spots
Object Tag
Iframe Tags

Working with Forms

Form Tag
POST and GET Method
Text Input, Text Area, Checkbox, Image Input and Radio
Select Option, Option Group
File Upload and Hidden Fields
Submit Button, Reset Button
Relation between HTML Form and PHP
Creating a Live Website Form

What is XHTML
Difference between HTML & XHTML
XHTML Basics
Introduction to Doc Types (Strict, Transitional and Mobile)
XHTML Validation

Introduction to HTML5
Whats new in HTML5
HTML5 DocType
New Structure Tags


New Form Tags

number and range

New Media Tags

Audio Tag
Video Tag

Designing a Layout using HTML5

Cascading Style Sheets (2.0)

Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets
Types of Style Sheets (Inline, Internal and External)
CSS for Website Layout and Print Layout
Types of CSS Selectors
Universal Selector
Type Selector
Class Selector
ID Selector
Child Selector
Descendant Selector
Adjacent Sibling Selector
Attribute Selector
Query Selector
Nesting of Selectors

CSS properties

Type Properties
Background Properties
Block Properties
Box Model Properties
List Properties
Border Properties
Positioning Propeties
Properties useful in Realtime Designing

Using CSS for Realtime Practical Works

Defining the Text Styles
Defining the Background Styles
Designing a Menu System (Horizontal, Vertical and Drop Down)
Custom Form Designing
DIV + CSS Layout Design
PSD to CSS Conversion
CSS Optimization Tips

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS 3.0)

Introduction to CSS 3
New CSS3 Properties
CSS Rounded Corners
Border Images
Border Shadows
CSS Gradients
CSS Background properties
Text-Shadow Property
Text-Stroke Property
Using CSS3 in Practical Layout

Adobe Dreamweaver

Introduction to Adobe Dreamweaver
Dreamweaver Interface Basics
Type of Views
Defining a Dreamweaver site

Benifits of Using Site
Creating a Site for Static Project
Creating a Site for PHP Project

Standard Tool Bar
Setting the Dreamweaver for Multiple Browser Output
Device Central and Mobile Sites
Common Tool Bar

Anchor Links / Email Links / Named Anchors
Insert Table
Insert Divs
Inserting Images / Image Hot Spots
Inserting Flash / Video
Meta Tags
Script Tags

Layout Tool Bar

Inserting Divs
Inserting Tables
Working with Frames
Working with IFrames

Text Tags

Headings Tag
Content Tags
Formating Tags

Spry Elements

Spry Menu Bar
Tabbed Panels
Collapsible Divs

Forms in Dreamweaver

Form Tag
Fieldset and Label Tag
Input Tags (Hidden, Text, Checkbox, Radio, Image)
Select Tag / List Tag / Opt Group
Buttons (Submit and Reset)
File Type / Encoding Type
Sending Mail using PHP

Dreamweaver Advanced Concepts

Spry Form Validations
Snippets Creation
FTP Client in DW
Dreamweaver Extensions

Template Design in Dreamweaver
Importing a website design
Setting the Editable and Non-Editable Regions
Defining the DWT for project.
Detaching the Template / Modifying the Template
Validating the XHTML & CSS
Common Compatibility Issues

Java Script

Introduction to Client Side Scripting
Introduction to Java Script
Javascript Types
Variables in JS
Operators in JS
Conditions Statements (If, If Else, Switch)
Java Script Loops (For Loop, While Loop, Do While Loop)
JS Popup Boxes (Alert, Prompt, Confirm)
JS Events

Onload, Onunload, Onsubmit, OnFocus, Onchange Event, Onblur Event, Onmouseover, Onclick, Ondbclick Events

JS Arrays
Working with Arrays
JS Objects
JS Functions
Using Java Script in Realtime

Validation of Forms
DropDown Menus
Slide Show Effects in Js
Date / Calendar Integration
Useful Scripts for Projects


Adobe Flash

Introduction to Animation
Introduction to Adobe Flash
Tools in Adobe Flash
Shape Tween and Motion Tween
Frame Animation
Various Flash Effects
Creating Flash Banners
Creating Flash Intro’s
Creating Flash Website
Basics of Action Scripting.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting Basics
Types of Hosting Packages
Registering domains
Defining Name Servers
Using Control Panel
Creating Emails in Cpanel
Using FTP Client
Maintaining a Website

SEO Concepts

Basics of SEO
Importance of SEO
Onpage Optimization Basics

Ajax Libraries
Basics of JQuery
Jquery Scripts
Useful Ajax scripts in live projects

Live Website Design Project (100% Realtime Project)

Designing a Professional Photoshop Template
Conversion of PSD to CSS
Adding Menu System to Project
Slideshow Integration
Implementing Gallery Script
Adding the Contact Form
Form validations using JS
Writing the Mail Function in form with PHP
Manual Website Testing

Web Design Resources and Value Added Services

Graphics (Icon, Buttons, Backgrounds)
Photoshop (Brushes, Patterns, Textures, Styles, Gradients, Actions)
PSD Templates
Study Material in PDF
Daily Notes
All class examples files on our server space for easy access.
Professional CSS Templates
Professional Flash Templates
100 Stock Photos for Website Work
Java Scripts (Date, Slideshow, Dropdowns, Modal and Ajax Scripts)
100% Job Assistance till you get placed.
Live Project in course
Course Certificate

Course Features

  • Mid Level
  • Yes

What you Get?

  • Well equipted lab
  • Highly experience instructor
  • Realtime project development
  • Internship in IT Industry
  • Job placement