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IT Training in Nepal | Computer Training in Kathmandu Nepal
Today IT has become the leading field world-wide. Growth of IT Training in Nepal is rising rapidly as this industry has been seen as the most prominent and reliable industry for computer amateurs, professionals, and enterprises. Recent statistics on an IT scope published in the journal from California, USA concluded that in the next 10 years, all of the other industries will be dominated by applications of IT industry. This clearly indicates that there is a vast and never-ending streak of IT development in Nepal too. The world global market is superseded in most of the areas by an application of Information and technology suites and will also be an integral part of tomorrow’s market too because of the speedy development in technology which can be witnessed by all of us.

IT Training in Nepal
Students at Guru IT Center

A developing country like ours needs a huge number of technical manpower, IT experts and engineers which is greatly lacking today. This, in turn, is proportionately affecting the velocity of development in the country. There are many information and technology (IT) institutes that are established to provide technical education in the field of Computer Science. Nowadays terms like Online training, diploma IT courses, web hosting and development, sales courses, IT courses with certifications, mobile phones and laptop repairing training and programing are brought by IT training companies and colleges to Nepalese youth. Despite that, still, there is a significant lack in the IT technical expertise and quality engineering in Nepal. This is a big problem for developing countries like ours. IT training can be the solution for the burning issues of unemployment and poverty in our country, and the Guru Institute of Engineering & Technology is trying to address this problem by providing extensively rich professional courses in IT Training in Kathmandu, Nepal for the national development.
Guru Institute of Engineering & Technology is providing an extensive set of professional job oriented practical IT courses in the following specific areas:
1. Laptop chip level training
2. Mobile chip level training
3. Professional Java training
4. Python with Data Science
5. Big Data
6. Hardware and Networking
7. Web Programming
8. Mobile Programming
9. Robotics Training
10. Professional Multimedia

Despite the growing rate of technical manpower in Nepal, we are somehow lacking to produce world-class IT experts. So, the need for professional IT training in Nepal is highly desirable. Guru Institute of Engineering & Technology has scrutinized this situation with years of deep research and experiences working on the IT domain for many years. Realizing this problem, it has established the academic IT training department to provide the best IT training in Kathmandu, Nepal. It has been able to change the traditional view and concept of IT training in the case of Nepal. With its audio-visual real-time practical training courses, within a very short period of time Guru is able to make the brand as the best destination for the students to learn IT training. We make the students face real-time problems which help to shape them as a quality and self-confident IT expert. The Guru alumni are shaping their career as professional IT experts shaping the future of the IT market of Nepal. Our motto is building technical manpower for national development. The pattern of training has been designed in such a way that a technician or programmer after getting vocational training and experience from Guru will be empowered as the leading future entrepreneur.