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Adanced Mobile Phone Repair Course [2021]- Guru Institute

Mobile phone  repair Course in Nepal- 2021 

Nepguru offers one of the best mobile repair training programs in Nepal. The program is designed by technical experts at Nepguru, a top-notch mobile repair training institute, with a view to enhance your industrial knowledge and mechanical expertise. It solicits cutting-edge toolsets at repairing smartphones which makes it convenient for beginners to learn the mobile repairing skill hardly breaking any sweat.

Here at Nepguru, you are under the supervision of experienced Guru’s, therefore, you’ll have no trouble learning how to repair smart phones. And that includes mobile phones of any sorts, be it Nokia, Samsung, Huawei, MI, Iphone, once you get familiar with our mobile repair training program, you’ll fix any brands of smartphones with ease.


As a career-oriented mobile repair training institute, Nepguru has developed an easy mobile repairing training course. Further, advanced mobile repair training course teaches you the importance of formulating a repair plan before starting actual repairing of mobile phones. Also, our mobile repair training is regularly updated according to the latest devices, operating systems and trending mobile technologies. Trust Nepguru today so people can trust you tomorrow, for our objective revolves around bringing forth reliable, skilled individuals (all around Nepal) that can fix the smart phones without damaging your cellular devices.

Benefits of Mobile phone Repairing Course 

Let’s take a concise look at what your career options are and how beneficial they could be to you.

  • Achieving in-depth knowledge regarding android and IOS systems.
  • Ability to repair data port, broken glass, headset jack flex cable and wi-fi flex cable.
  • Acquire the theoretical knowledge of  ESN, IMEI and SIM relationship.
  • Helps to fully understand the network concepts and structure.
  • Profound career scope at mobile phone repair shops.
  • Unlocking smart phones with ease and installing quality android and IOS Software
  • Identification of different mobile hardware parts
  • Augments your demand at IT tech companies.
  • Operate your own smart mobile  phone repair shop


Therefore, there are many more benefits besides the ones that are mentioned, And now, the only thing that remains is to determine which training program training you put your trust in.

Benefits of Mobile Phone Repair Course at Nepguru 

Nepguru’s mobile phone repair training program comes with essential benefits as per followed.

  • Access to training labs and toolsets are insurmountable
  • Experienced tutors with more than 5 years of proven track record
  • Training is full of problem-based learning
  • Training is provided on case-to and scenario basis
  • Methodology of running theoretical and practical classes gives you an edge over competitors
  • Tech-friendly learning environment and counseling classes to keep you inspired.
  • Availability of internship opportunities offers a remarkable experience
  • Provision of free mobile repair software and video tutorials.


At length, if you choose the mobile phone repair training provided by Nepguru, not only do you get to enjoy these benefits but you will also be able to enjoy them at a very affordable price.

Mobile  Hardware Repairing Course

We offer this mobile repairing course as a part of a skill development program as technology keeps on updating and everyone should adapt to that.

The main target of this course is to teach our candidates on how to operate various machinery and equipment to test hardware devices and detect problems on them. This includes assembling and disassembling mobile phones of all kinds, solder and desolder parts, the study of the motherboard and its functionalities, circuit diagram, and circuit training, replacement of ports, connectors, switches etc.


This is the most basic malfunctions that arise in mobile phones and testing all of these will definitely lead to detection of problem and also finding a solution for it. Besides this, our candidates will also have a deeper understanding of Integrated Circuits (ICs). Candidates will be able to learn about the types of ICs, how to replace ICs and also repair them in case of minor problems.


Everything we teach under hardware repairing is lab-based and every candidate will get a chance to learn by experimenting with the hardware components.

Mobile Phone Software Repairing Course

“Every electronic device consists of hardware and software components.” I guess we all have heard this statement once in high school and it’s a fact.

Software is the building block of every smartphone and having a broad knowledge of software is important. In our mobile phone software repairing course, we teach our candidates about how software operates together with hardware.


Different brand of mobile phones have a different operating system and frequent software are essential for them to operate at their best. Through this course, our candidates will be able to learn about software installing and flashing, unlocking mobile phones by secret codes, and with the help of computers and diagnose and troubleshoot software issues.


These are the mobile phone repairing courses we offer. And off course, there is always an opportunity to learn secret tips and tricks of servicing and repairing mobile phones from our experienced instructors.

There is no need of any specific educational qualifications to enroll in any of our courses. Make sure that you are enthusiastic enough to learn about mobile phones and ready to study and learn new skills.


Talking about duration, our standard course it takes 3 months to complete i.e. 1 hour a day and besides that there is always an opportunity to come here and learn from our experts. In case of language, our instructors will guide you on English or Nepali language based on your preference.


Mobile industry is inarguably one of the rapidly growing domains of technology and the advancement in it will continue forever. Learning how to repair mobile phones can be an important skill to learn and it can also be a good income source.

We exclaim with pride that we are one among the best mobile repairing institute in Kathmandu that has been acknowledged by the government.

Enroll with us in our various mobile repairing courses and be your own boss starting your mobile phone  repair shops and service center.


There are different levels of mobile repair training programs. Each level deals with the practicality of the situations. More or less, the first level is for beginners whereas it climbs higher on the chart with the advancement in a student’s ability. Therefore, no prior knowledge is required for anyone to join the mobile repair training programs that Nepguru has designed. Book your seats now.



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