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Course Overview

Introduction of Network Training at GLabs in Kathmandu Nepal
The network is the series of connections of points, interconnected by communication paths for the proper flow of data while receiving, exchanging or transmitting the documents, files, folders, audio, video, and related data. The transmission of data includes Switches and Routers using verities of algorithms to support the exchange of data to its intended endpoint. Network training is the course that masters the skills required to understand, build and maintain network infrastructure. Build your foundation of networking knowledge in the real-world with Network Training focused on the practical application of the network training courses. We provide network training in Kathmandu with our networking courses that leads you to gain the confidence, learn the wider vision of networking and develop skills to implement, optimize support and defend network which you build either for organization, corporate houses, universities or industry-recognized networking and wireless certification including CWNP, Cisco, A+, VMware and Network+ certification. To be a capable networking expert, network training most important. For the beginner we provide practical network training for building the base needed for networking and for those who have an understanding of networking, we excel them with supportive network training required.

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Why network Training at GLabs in Kathmandu Nepal?
This 21st century is the era of information and technology with the increasing use of computers and electronic gadgets. We are being more dependent and reliant on computers and networking technologies. This leads to the growth of professionals and experts in networking who can design, build, manage and secure the networks. Network training helps to develop the skills needed for network management and network infrastructure build-up. Our network training courses introduce a wide range of practical implementation theoretical concepts of network training. Network training guides from routing protocols, applications to services and configurations. We provide a wide practical dimension for better learning and understanding. The increasing use of computers and gadgets in organizations and corporate houses invent the need for network training for the proper management of networking. Without networking experts, it is not possible to establish network infrastructure. So, this invites the need for network training and network training institutes all over Nepal.

Courses offered for Network Training at GLabs in Kathmandu Nepal
The courses we offer for network training are aligned with globally recognized career certification including CCNA, CCNP, Cisco CCENT, CCNA R&S, and CCNP R&S. We provide students with a better learning on how to become network administrators and network managers.
1. The GURU Institute is a top-listed academic center for Network training.
2. We offer the most inclusive courses for Network training in Nepal
3. Placement opportunities after the completion of network training for the deserving trainees.
4. Facility for the Global Exam and Certification.
5. Trainees have access to up-to-date Cisco Course and other network training courses.
6. Globally expert instructors/teachers with real-world experience of industry-based networking.
7. Network training with real hardware to configure and test the real-world scenario.
8. Academic Course with real practical implementation is focused rather than course completion.
9. Involvement of students in Project Work for the analysis of real-world projects.
10. Complete network training resources and equipment.
11. World-class laboratory for practice.
12. Most trusted institute for the Network Training.

Network Training Course Highlights
Understanding basic networking components and areas of implementation.
Diagnosing causes, effects, and remedies of common network failure.
Using tools and techniques to protect networking components and infrastructure.
Theoretical and Practical understanding of networking build-up, configuration, and security.
Real-Time Project work.

Why become Network+ Certified at GLabs in Kathmandu Nepal?
Because CompTIA is the well-respected developer of vendor-neutral industry certifications, becoming network+ certified proves you are competent in the specific areas tested by the Network+ exams.
The following are the major benefits are associated with becoming Network+ certified.

Proof of professional achievement.
Networking professionals are pretty competitive when it comes to collecting more certifications than their peers. And because network certification broadly covers the entire field of networking, technicians want this certification a lot more than just having Microsoft Certification. Network+ is a lot more prestigious and valuable. Because it’s rare to gain something that’s worth a lot with little effort, I’ll be honest- preparing for the Network+ exam isn’t exactly a lazy day at the beach. And people in IT know that it isn’t all that easy to pass the Network+ exam, so they’ll definitely respect you more and know that you’ve achieved a certain level of expertise about vendor-independent networking-related subjects.

Opportunities for advancement
We all like to get ahead in our careers-advancement results in more responsibility and prestige, and it usually means a fatter paycheck, greater opportunities, and added options. In the IT sector, a great way to make sure all that good stuff happens is by earning a lot of technology certifications, including Network+.

Fulfillment of network training requirements at GLabs in Kathmandu Nepal
Network+, because of its wide-reaching industry support, is recognized as a baseline of networking information. Some companies actually specify the possession of a Network+ certification as a job requirement before they’ll even consider hiring you, or as a goal to be met before your next review. And often, gaining a Network+ certification will get you a pay raise at review time.

Customer confidence
As the company discovers the CompTIA advantage, it will undoubtedly require qualified staff to achieve these certifications. Many companies outsource their work to consulting firms with experience working with security. Firms that have certified staff have a definite advantage over firms that don’t.

Career Opportunities after Network Training in Kathmandu Nepal
The network experts are in high demand in developing countries like Nepal. With the development in the field of information and technology, the organization is going toward the automation and computerized system. So, network training has been an essential part of career development. The need for network experts is to establish the networking infrastructure in the organizations, industries, offices, and corporate houses. Those who can design, build, manage and secure the networks can have the utmost career opportunities in this growing market of network technology. The GURU, a network training institute in Kathmandu, Nepal is providing an opportunity for students and trainees to develop their potential toward network training and enhance their skills and knowledge of networking for the betterment of own’s career. GURU is supporting network training students with placement offers in the different branches of GURU Institutes of Engineering and Technology.