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Electronics training in Kathmandu, Nepal

Electronics training has become an important training as we are living in the age of electronics. Also, it is hard to find an electrical item in our home that does not have electronics partnered with it, in some way. People always look for electronics training centre because it is hard for them to buy new electronics. Thus, Guru Institute of Engineering and Technology Pvt. Ltd is here to provide electronics training in Kathmandu. We have best expert and experienced people in our team for electronics training. With the help of our electronics training, students will be able to solve the issues about electronics things.

Though there are many electronics training centres it has always been difficult to find the best one. There is always an issue when it gets time for repairing as there is a lack of expertise in this field. People thereby seeks experts to repair the electronics items. But, after addressing the issue, electronic training in GURU is the best in town. In giving electronic training to the students who can best use the resources we train them to have knowledge about electronics item. We ease them by giving electronic training with the competitive syllabus. The electronic training course has a wide scope in the market.

Electronic training will help you directly as you can grow your career with it. Likewise, it will facilitate you indirectly as you can use it in daily life also. With the electronic training we provide, it will benefit you a lot. Electronic training at our GLab will improve your professional skills and knowledge. We, Guru Institute of Engineering and Technology are pioneer institute to make an effort to render the electronic training to the people to enhance their capability and efficiency. Therefore, highlighting the importance of electronic training, we welcome you all
whoever are enthusiastic to develop their skill and enhance knowledge for electronic training in Guru.

Upon the completion of electronics training, Guru provides a letter of accomplishment for students. We provide placement for successful trainees.

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  • Well equipted lab
  • Highly experience instructor
  • Realtime project development
  • Internship in IT Industry
  • Job placement