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Course Overview

IoT Training in GURU, Kathmandu Nepal

IoT Training in Nepal is the most relevant and necessary training in today’s world. IoT repairing has been very crucial in our life. With the pace of technology, there is a need for professionals who can address the issue. People always seek for a reliable place to find and solve the problem of new technology. The internet of things is a system of organized computing devices, digital and mechanical machines, objects or people that are delivered with unique identifiers and the capability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-computer or human-to-human interaction.

We provide the best IoT training in Kathmandu. We provide training in major cities like Pokhara, Dhangadi, Butwal and other cities. We provide reliable services to fix the problem. Guru has professional teachers and equipment to train students. GURU pioneers in Smart Technology and Engineering with a ‘Skill Development Program’. We providing opportunities to learn via live project exposures and real-time working culture. Guru is always head in best IoT training in Kathmandu.

We welcome everyone willing to join our academic IoT training program. There is no bound to those willing to study. There are no criteria to join our program. Yet, a small skill test is conducted and counseling is done. The test is taken to help the students reach their goals and strengthen their weaknesses. After that classes of different modules are undertaken followed by the tests. Finally, the student is allowed to work as “On the Job Training” practitioner in a service center. Students here could master their IoT training skills in the relevant domain.

Why choose Guru for IoT Training?

Guru Institute is a place where a competent technician is born. We have the latest devices and software’s to troubleshoot and repair all the devices. We have professional equipment and teachers. Teachers here are with years of experience. So, our students can learn to diagnose the fault in a systematic pattern and fix the problems. The reason why you must choose Guru for IoT training. The following points are the reason that one should choose the GURU.
  • Training in sophisticated devices and advanced IoT
  • 100% job oriented courses on smart hardware and networking
  • Molding each candidate to become a Techno Entrepreneur
  • Achieved 100% Placement record in 2017/2018
  • Building Technical manpower for nation-building
  • 25+ Care centers all over Nepal and 3 Branches
  • Scholarship for deserving candidates
  • Real-time hands-on practical learning
  • Career counseling and Guidance

Career Opportunities in IoT Training

In almost every field, IoT is needed. Thus there is always a need for IoT specialists. Guru is an institute providing the best training to compete in the market of IoT Training. IoT is one of the increasing demands of today’s market.

There are counting numbers of the institute for IoT training in Nepal. Guru, in Kathmandu, is providing the best training course in Internet of Things. We offer this training with the very specialized and competitive syllabus. As IoT professionalism have very high demand in the market, we provide job placement in various companies in Kathmandu.

Some of the possible opportunities in IoT training are pointed below:

  • Information security
  • Become a Designer in any IoT Company
  • Become a Web or Android Developer in any IoT Company
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Social, legal and ethical IoT
  • Innovative on the chip
  • New IoT wireless networking technologies
  • IoT governance
  • Data analytics
  • Network and Structure
  • Device and Hardware
  • Cell and UI development

What will you Learn in IoT Training?

  • Knowledge about IoT and work with in it
  • Knowledge to use and understand genre of component of IoT
  • Receive experience of component of IoT and binding
  • Working on projects on components of IoT
  • Get information about communication Technique
  • Working with different application and hardware combination and mechanism

Certification for IoT Training



Upon the completion of training, Guru provides the letter of accomplishment of the course to successful trainees signed by the instructor.


IoT Training at GURU

Guru provides extensive specialization in professional IoT training. Experts at Guru are providing students the nectar of their years of experience in IoTStudents can handle all the IoT related problems while getting training at GLabs.

Here, we teach students with a very competitive syllabus. Students are focused to learn about the growing market in this field. Guru has every sound environment to learn about IoT repairing. We make students ready to compete globally. Guru is one of the best inclusive IoT training centers in Kathmandu, Nepal. Guru offers well-structured professional IoT training based upon the recruitment needs in the IT market.

Learning Objectives in IoT Training

  • To understand the meaning and implication of the Internet of Things
  • Discuss the construction, process, and commercial benefits of an IoT solution
  • Inspect the possible business chances that IoT can expose
  • Discover the connection between IoT, cloud computing, and big data
  • Recognize how IoT varies from outdated data collection systems

The specialty of GLabs – IoT training center in Kathmandu

Well-equipped lab at GURU is advantages for the students learning the course. The experts here in GURU helps students learning in a sound environment. Competitive course content in GURU makes students learn quickly.  The course content here makes students make adaptive in the market.

Future of IoT Training From GLabs

The future of IoT Training is one of the most promising fields in the IT industry. Guru Institute of Engineering & Technology is providing extensive services in this field. Apart from it, Guru specializes in IoT training. Professional experts orient IoT training in the practical industry-based international syllabus.

IoT training in Nepal is one of the most promising fields. Students at Guru are observed to get 100% placement in top IoT companies. Also, many students are abroad after gaining skills in our academics. Guru provides a rich level of IoT training in Kathmandu.

Week 1:

  • Introduction to IOT
  • Sensors & Sensing
  • Actuators

Week 2:

  • Basic Networking Fundamentals
  • http communication
  • FTP communication
  • Wireless communication
  • ESP8266
  • WIFI – 802.11 (LO-RA)

Week 3:

  • M2M communication
  • Introduction to Aurdino

Week 4:

  • Integration of sensors with Aurdino
  • Temperature Sensor – LM-35
  • Motion Detection Sensor- PIR
  • Gas Sensor – MQ-35

Week 5:

  • Introduction to RapsberryPI
  • Installation of Noobs

Week 6:

  • Python/JAVA Programming Fundamentals

Week 7:

  • Python/JAVA Programming Fundamentals

Week 8:

  • IOT with RPI
  • GPIO Interfacing

Week 9:

  • SDN for IOT
  • Data Handling & Analytics

Week 10:

  • Introduction to Cloud computing
  • Communication in Cloud

Week 11:

  • Project – Pollution Detector

Week 12:

  • Project -Pollution Detector

Course Features

  • Mid Level
  • Yes

What you Get?

  • Well equipted lab
  • Highly experience instructor
  • Realtime project development
  • Internship in IT Industry
  • Job placement