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Data recovery refers to recover corrupted, missing, deleted or inaccessible data from storage devices. Guru institute of engineering and technology is providing reliable data recovery services in Nepal. For the first time in Nepal with highest level expertise, best-in-class tools, equipment, and machinery, we are bringing the top-notch technology in the field of data recovery. We deal with every kind of complex data recovery cases. Hardware errors, human errors, sabotage, and virus attack or software corruption are addressed with a fair degree of recovery assurances at Guru. The most common scenario for data recovery is Operating system failure, malfunction of storage devices, and data corruption. We are providing data recovery services in the following domains:
Android Data recovery
Android was first developed by Google. According to a survey now it is being used by over a billion in the world. Because of its ease of use android has developed itself into world-beating the operating system. It is now used in mobile phones, tablets, televisions and even in cars. Because of a large number of cases been detected in the corruption of data in android devices, we have introduced android data recovery services and training in Nepal.

Apple-(iPhone, Mac) data recovery
Apple has developed its own operating system for its devices such as iPhone, IPad and known as IOS. It is totally different from android as its underlying architecture has been developed by Apple. It is one of the widely used popular systems in the world, losing valuable data in these devices is nothing new. Thus Guru has brought data recovery service for IOS-based devices.

Flash / SD data recovery
Flash drives are the most reliable and portable means of transporting data. The disappearance of vital data from your flash drives can occur from virus attack, power surges & electro-static discharge, improperly removing the mass storage from a computer and accidentally formatting the device. Moreover to handle these such consequences Guru institute has brought Flash / SD data recovery.

SSD data recovery
SSD (Solid State Drive) is a type of hard drive that is created by a solid-state electronic memory chip array that consists of a control unit and storage unit (FLASH chip and DRAM chip). SSD is widely known for its portability. Data error in these kinds of devices is not a new thing so SSD data recovery is very much essential in today’s context.

we use Stellar Data Recovery Software

we use Stellar Data Recovery Software

Laptop data recovery
Mainly data loss in laptops is caused by either hardware error or operating system failures. Laptops are portable computers and are widely used in various areas. So data loss of such versatile devices can give nightmare to anyone. But you don’t need to worry about that anymore because Guru Institute provides 100% data recovery service even if your hard disk is broken, data sectors are corrupted or any else type of disk read errors.