Printer Repair Training in Nepal

Be Trained by Industry Leaders and Experts

Course Overview

The printer is a crucial device that is used to conduct various sorts of official tasks such as photocopying, scanning, printing, etc. There are different types of printers in the market. Some of them are the laser, inkjet, multi-functional impact, and non-impact printers. Printers are used in offices, cooperative offices, banking and finance, IT industries, hospitals, etc. The selection of the kind of printer to be in used is made as per the requirement and work basic in an organization.
There is a lack of expertise in repairing printer in Nepal, so with the ambition to synchronize such circumstances Guru has brought a new package course of printer training.

Printer training can be undertaken by a person of any age group with no bar to age limit and qualification requirements. It is one of the best technical courses to learn and earn quickly. Guru provides extensive detailed training of the Printer repairing course with knowledge about all types of a printer in a fully practical oriented approach. Guru is contributing to fulfilling student’s ambition to learn printer training. After passing out from Guru, our students are turning as professional printer repairing engineers in the market.

Duration: 45 hrs
Internship: 15 days
Timing: morning/Day/ evening

Introduction to Printers
Types of Printers
Dot Matrix

Printer working Theory
Printer Sections
Cartridge section
Gear section
Heating Section

Cartridge refilling process
Refilling techniques of different cartridges

Printer safety procedures
Laser Printer safety procedure
Matrix Printer safety procedure
Hand tools for printer repairing

Printer working mechanisms
How Dot Matrix printer works
Understanding typical Dot Matrix Mechanical Assembly
Print head
Ribbon Mask
Head Movement Roll
Carriage Assembly
Carriage Belt
Print Head Adjustment Level
Paper selection level
Paper feeding motor
Carriage motor
Typical Dot Matrix

Power Board and Logic Section
Parallel Port
Motor Driver IC
Print head driver IC
Practical on Dot Matrix Printer
Explanation of laser printer block diagram
Image Formation On the Drum
Writing The Image On the Drum
Fusing unit
Printer Power supply unit
Printer logic board
Printer ROM flashing
Laser Scanning System
Paper Pickup / Feed System
Laser Printer Error And Service Message
Image Defect Table For Laser printer
Problems in Dot Matrix

After successful completion of this course, students are offered On the Job Training “OJT” at various professional servicing centers.