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Hardware and Networking Training

Hardware and Networking Training in Nepal

Are you Looking for Hardware and Networking Training in Kathmandu? Guru Institute of Engineering and Technology has started lots of IT courses Hardware and network training in Nepal is one of the most popular and latest courses. This Hardware and network training course is designed for those students who are looking for a career as IT Specialists.

This course will introduce you to the world of information technology. you will learn about computer hardware, software, the internet, different types of Troubles and their solution. After completing the hardware and networking course from Guru Institute you’ll be able to understand how a computer system works, Network troubles, and their solutions. 

After completion of the hardware and network training course, you will be able to solve different types of hardware problems, network problems, and other software-related problems. Guru Institute of engineering and technology has always been at the top when it comes to providing quality computer education for many years. In order to help the students & other professionals to capitalize in this technological world, Guru offers career-oriented and professional Hardware and Networking Training in Kathmandu Nepal.

Hardware and Network training center in Nepal

There are lots of hardware and network training centers in Kathmandu which are offering the course hardware and network training most of the training centers are well established but when we talk about the advance there is still a lack of infrastructures and advanced equipment, therefore, there is a gap. to fulfill the gap of latest innovation with Nepalese training centers we have established the latest and updated training center.

When You decided to learn Hardware and network training in Kathmandu, you may ask “is any best hardware and network training center near me”? That is reliable and affordable. the answer is yes! we are providing hardware and networking course online and an Offline Training program at a low cost. For anyone who is looking for a future in computer hardware and networking, Guru can be the best destination for you.

Benefits From Hardware and Networking Training in Kathmandu

The instructors will provide a hands-on experience so that you can understand the finer points of networking using tools and protocols. Trainees can obtain the following advantages by participating in hardware and networking training:

  • Opportunity to become a qualified hardware and networking technician that enhances your popularity along with personal growth.
  • Prepares you for the hardware and networking certification exam.
  • Prictical oriented classes.
  • Enhancement of creativity that not just compels you to perform routine work.
  • The interactive and friendly learning environment
  • Excessive career opportunities in the field of IT
  • Learners may even start their own business by the time they feel like they can handle risk through their expertise

 Some Pre-requisites:

  • Students need to be friendly with computers
  • Need to know how to use some basic tools.
  • You must accumulate the necessary training fees and plan accordingly.
  • A participant must have a clear 10th / 12th / Diploma from a recognized board.
  • Should know the basics of networking

Carrier Opportunities after Diploma in Hardware and Networking:

There is a huge demand for hardware and network technicians in Nepal and the reason is quite obvious because one cannot assure that devices like laptops, computers, and mobile phones are going to work without any problems for a lifetime. That is why the demand for technicians is very high in Nepal.

Youths in Nepal don’t have many options and choices except then being an academic graduate or looking for an opportunity to get a job in a foreign country. But becoming an expert in the Technical field can provide them with job security and better income source working in Nepal itself. There is a high demand for quality hardware and repairing technicians in Nepal.

The course of “Hardware and Networking Training in Kathmandu” students, but those who are interested in the Hardware and Networking field can enroll in the course after completion and certified full course from guru candidates to see themselves in the following positions like Hardware Engineer, Helpdesk Analyst, LAN Administrator, LAN Engineer, Network Administrator, Network Engineer, Network Specialist, Server Specialist, Systems Engineer and so more. 

Challenges in Hardware and Networking Training  in Kathmandu, Nepal

“The rapid change in technology has changed the world.” but this statement sounds phony when it comes to the maintenance of laptops, mobile phones, and computers in Nepal. The change in hardware technology has brought new types of equipment and machinery that can be used for providing accurate and swift hardware repairing services. But due to a lack of expertise and the traditional role practiced for repairing such gadgets hardware repairing is still a complex field in Nepal.

There are no smart solutions and high-end machinery available for hardware repairing and training. Due to a lack of expertise in operating high-end hardware repairing machinery, many technicians are still following traditional hardware repairing approaches. In this regard, we feel the necessity of quality Hardware and Network training in Nepal institutes that can address all of the above problems to build expert technicians in the field of hardware repairing domain to build national productive technical manpower.

Hardware & Networking course fees

As we have multiple types of courses related to hardware networking whereas hardware includes: Advance Computer Hardware, Card level repairing & Chip level Repairing most of them are dedicated to the core level of training. Network training includes CCNA/ CCNP etc.

But this is the combination of both courses. we have found lots of training centers are providing computer hardware course online for free but actually, both courses are totally technical so that we need to present physically for training. Yes! we can manage the syllabus online.

About Hardware and Networking Training in Nepal’s Course fee- It starts from 15,000. 


Hardware and Networking Training in Kathmandu has become very important for those who are planning to build up their career in the IT industry. However, the training could only be effective if it is conducted in the best possible way with the collaboration of trainers and trainees. Join us today for Hardware and Network Training center in Kathmandu (Guru)…

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Students of the Hardware and Networking Training in Kathmandu are taught different subjects according to the level and time period they are:
1. Installations of Windows Operating Systems
2. Hard Drive Installation and Support
3. Work with Printers and Fonts
4. Maintain Computers
5. Disaster Recovery and Virus Control
6. Networking Fundamentals
7. Implement the Windows Network
8. Installing and Configuring Server and Workstations
9. Fundamental Computer Networks Concepts
10. Types of Computer Networks
11. Types of Network Equipment
12. Ethernet
13. Wireless Local Area Networks
14. Internet Service
15. TCP / IP and other Internet Protocols
16. Network Routing, Switching, and Bridging
17. Operating Systems - Server Installations and Configuring
18. Clients Installations and Configuring
19. Resource Sharing
20. Network Configurations - Users and Permissions

This course Hardware and Networking Training in Nepal covers various topics in computer networking. It includes protocols that govern the way communication takes place on the network, the parameters for routing, and network analysis strategies in static and dynamic networks.

The OSI model and other related topics are also included in this course. The course further discusses how to plan and implement a network in a small and wide area networking.

Installation of Server/Client based scenarios is also discussed in this course which involves at the same time sub-netting huge networks into small networks called subnets.

Hardware and Networking Training includes Introduction to networks and networking, LAN, VLAN, CAN, MAN, WAN, Internet and
Intranet etc. Uses and benefits of networks, Server-client based network, peer-to-peer networks.

Concept of Server, client, node, segment, backbone, host, etc., analog and Digital transmission, Network Interface Card, Crimping tools, and Color standards for straight crimping and Cross Crimping Functions of NIC, Repeaters, Hub, Switches, Routers, Bridges, Router, etc.

Media types: STP cable, UTP cable, Coaxial cable, Fiber cable, Baseband, and Broadband transmission, Cables and Connectors, Physical and logical topologies, Bus, Star, Ring, and Mesh topologies

Hardware and Networking Training includes HTTP, FTP, and other Different types of protocols, OSI Model, Media Access Method, DNS services, DHCP services, WINS services and RAS services, Web services, Proxy Services, etc.

Introduction about TCP/IP and Sub-nettings, configuring IP address and subnetting with different Routers and Networks, TCP/IP Errors and Solutions,

Hardware and Networking Training includes Installation of servers like windows 2003 and 2008, user account administration, group management, implementing DNS server, creating a Domain account, File system NTFS permission.

Printing services, Active Directory services, DNS services, DHCP services, RAS, Volumes, and Disk management, Auditing and Resource Access, Gateway services, Terminal services, Configuring & implementing VPN, Local and Domain security policy, Group Policies

Installing and Configuring Wire & Wireless Network, Network Troubleshooting, Installing Manageable Switches, Routers, Wi-Fi Device, Printer, CCTV Camera, IP Camera, and Other Network Devices, Storage
Solution– TAP Drive

Public networks, Remote connectivity for servers and clients, Indoor and Outdoor Wireless, WLAN- WIFI and WIMAX, PCI Wireless Card, USB Wireless Card, Wireless Access Point, Security of networks like Firewalls Hardware and Software, VPN

History of Linux, Linux distributions, Features of Linux, advantages of Linux Installation of Red Hat and SUSE Linux and Fedora Edition, System requirements, Disk partition, Mount points, Installation method, creating the boot disk.

User Management, Mounting, X- windows Desktop environment, Using Gnome and KDE Desktop environment, Linux commands, Linux file system, directories, Text Editors, Linux Shell, Feature of Shell, Shell available.

Hardware and Networking Training includes Installing and setting up a Network card, Setting TCP/IP parameters with Linux, Testing the network,
Utilities of Linux, TAR Program, Send Mail, send mail Configuration, Pine, Browsers, NFS, and Samba
Configuration, Network Printing, and Interoperability with windows.

Administering user accounts and groups, command-line tool, Network Services, Proxies, Firewalls, NIS and Host Security, Diskless Terminal, Web Server, Overview of Clustering, File systems, IP address, DNS and Internet, Security fundamentals, system security, choosing user IDs for services, Network security, IT laws, and security.


Yes! Online classes are also available. However, since the class are practical, physical presence is preferred for more detailed insights and training.

Hardware is the combination of physical devices or parts that builds the computer system. Physical parts such as to monitor, keyboard, mouse, hard disk drive, graphic card, RAM, motherboard, etc.

Networking in the field of Computer Science allows computers to transfer or exchange data or information in different places.

After completion of the Hardware and Networking Training in Kathmandu, the candidates would be eligible for different job roles for instance System Administrator, Network Administrator, System Engineer, Technical Engineer, Network Engineer, Technical support, Help desk technician, network support technician, IT technician.

Guru Institute is a suitable place for Hardware and Networking Training in Kathmandu. We are offering this course for more than 10 years with a quality trainer and updated course syllabus.

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Kishan Mahato

Working In:
Sky Computer Lalbandi
Head Technician

Dev Narayan Dulal

Working In:
Doko Recyclers Sanothimi Bhaktapur
Head Technician

Basanta Bhattrai

Working In:
Spring computer Educational Institute
Head Technician

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Working In:
BT Display Care Center
Head Technician
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Our Testimonials

Namaste. Me Sandesh Manandhar, I was a student and a trainee at GURU Institute of Engineering and Technology. I found the comfortable environment and well managed training lab to achieve the target I had set. The experienced teacher with well managed lab helped me a lot.

Sandesh Manandhar
Sandesh Manandhar
Hardware Technician

Knowledge is a thing and using that knowledge to change the prospective of yourself of admiring and analyzing the world is another. This is how Guru has provided me with the knowledge and skills in the field of chip level engineering so that I am able to compete with the challenge in the current blooming market of this field.

Kripesh Shrestha
Kripesh Shrestha
Chip Level Export
Device Hub

Hi everyone, I have done Chip Level Training at GURU Institute of Engineering and Technology. I found that GURU is the best place to train our mind and get excellence in what we want to crave. I was struggling to find the hardware training institute in Kathmandu.

Dibyashwor Baral
Dibyashwor Baral
Chip Level Expert
Expert IT Solution

Hello Everyone, I am Suraj. I had hardware training in Kathmandu Nepal at Guru and found it very friendly. At last, I found Guru is the place to develop the skills, knowledge and gain experience in chip level hardware training. Now I am BT care center working as senior mobile technician.

Suraj Bastola
Suraj Bastola
Senior Technician

Hello all, myself Ranjan Sapkota currently working as Sr. Network Technician at Mercantile communication system pvt. Ltd. I’m able to do this because of the network training I received from GURU Institute of Engineering and Technology. GURU is the place where we can learn what we want to learn.

Rajan Sapkota
Rajan Sapkota
Hardware & Network Technician.
Mercantile communication system pvt. Ltd

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