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CCTV Camera Repair Training

CCTV  Camera Training in Kathmandu, Nepal

Guru Engineering has been providing a fully practical-based CCTV Training Course in Kathmandu.  CCTV stands for Closed-Circuit Television, it is used to monitor and record videos to have evidence of whatever is going on in the surrounding where the CCTV camera is installed. It is one of the most reliable sources to monitor and control the applied area such as industrial areas, working environments, offices, schools, and many other organizations.

There are a lot of applications of CCTV and it is easy to gain knowledge with CCTV Training. There are few institutes providing practical education and application with CCTV training. The most important thing about CCTV training is that those who have the practical knowledge and experience have a wide area to work and support the future growth of their career.

There is a need for CCTV in almost every sector and its installation has rapid progress, so is the need for CCTV experts. We, GURU Institute of Engineering and Technology have the CCTV expert to provide CCTV  camera training in Kathmandu for every student of any level from the grassroots to make experts in CCTV installation, management, and control with Advance CCTV Training.

 Which is the best training institute for CCTV repair training?

There are two types of CCTV Camera systems being used in the current scenario of our country. Traditional Analog System is the type of CCTV Camera System where, Analog Camera, Analog Monitor, Monitoring Station, Digital Video Recording device is used to record and store the video for the evidence purpose.

Another type of CCTV Camera System is the Traditional IP System where IP Cameras, NVR (Video Recorder), Monitoring Station, are connected through switches and the signals flow in the digital form. Every signal is digital and there isn’t a need for converting devices to convert the analog signal into digital form.

All these can be practically learned through the CCTV training, and we are here at New Baneshwor for guiding you to learn all the courses on CCTV training. We provide CCTV training on CCTV installation and help students with the supported lab to examine them properly. Not only this but CCTV training at GURU provides the courses on Management of CCTV to manage the security needed for any area.

CCTV repair training Course :

We have fully equipped our training lab, our CCTV repairing course, CCTV maintenance course, CCTV management, and all other courses on CCTV training are designed to give candidates instructions on how to install, repair, and maintain the systems/equipment and their components parts. Installation, Repairing, Networking, Management, their possible applications, cabling & design, and their implementation is all that we give to the students on CCTV training.

The ideal training for anyone willing to become familiar with and install CCTV Camera systems, repair CCTV Camera can have their training at GURU with globally expertized CCTV trainer. CCTV & Security System Training offers professional CCTV Security System Training with practical application in the real-time world. The CCTV training on CCTV installation will introduce the students to the level of understanding required to allow them to work safely and efficiently on CCTV equipment and associated electrical systems.

The training delivery is designed to maximize the time the instructors spend with each student with virtually one-to-one teaching that gives each candidate the instruction and support they need in a ‘step by step fashion. CCTV has a major role worldwide helping in a different way by recording the video and footage. With the current technological advancement, CCTV has an effective role to combat criminal and terrorist activity, traffic problems, theft and robbery, and other activities occurring in the surrounding.

It’s not a surprise that we, GURU is providing CCTV Training and the trainer at us are experts in both theoretically and practically. With the well-equipped advanced laboratory, we support the basic and advanced practical solutions and provide students with real scenarios for their betterment.

The combination of written theory and hands-on practical CCTV Training Courses will give them an understanding of the latest advancements in CCTV Technology. The courses at GURU cover all the aspects of CCTV systems i.e.- Planning, Design, Process, Specification, Installation, Set-Up, Management, and Maintenance of each component like Cameras, Lenses, DVR, NVRs, Cable, etc. With the experience of the trainer, an effort of students, a well-equipped lab, and both theoretical and practical learning can make the students experience the CCTV Training as an industrial-based technical training.

CCTV repair training benefits:CCTV Training Course in kathmandu

There are a lot of benefits of having a CCTV repair training course at GURU. When you enter GURU as a trainee and go out of GURU as a certified CCTV repair technician, you have a number of benefits on your side that can be explained as follows.

  • Technical Course: CCTV repair training is a fully technical course where most of the sessions are fully practical. Your active and devoted participation will make you an expert in this highly technical course.
  • Fewer Prerequisites: Since this course is a full technical and practical course, so it is not necessary to have any prior qualification or knowledge.
  • No Demographic Restrictions: Any age, gender, religion, region, and couture group person can take this course as there are no restrictions.
  • High Market Demand: Nepalese market always demands skilled technicians and hence having CCTV repair training at GURU will make you highly sellable in the market.
  • Updated Syllabus: GURU designs its CCTV repair course regularly based on the new technology available in the market. If you take this training at GURU, you can be the master of all CCTV repairing in the Nepalese market.
  • Higher Professionalism: GURU sends its students in the market with proper professional skills in their hands. After the completion of this training, you can work professionally in the market.
  • Real-time Learning: Whatever the theory explained in the class will have a practical session at the same time so the students experience real-time learning.

CCTV repair training course has so many benefits that you can take advantage of. The only thing required is your full dedication and activeness. If you can give your 100% in this course, you will experience some of the extraordinary sessions at GURU.

Career Opportunities

When it comes to the security of different physical assets, what could be better than the installation of CCTV cameras. Whether it is private offices, business houses, government offices, schools and colleges, public places, highways, and everywhere, we can see the signboard warning us by saying ‘You are under the surveillance of CCTV camera’. It shows how big the market is for CCTV cameras all around the world. This demands skilled CCTV camera repair technicians in the market.

Whether it is schools and colleges, or business houses, or private and public offices, they cannot miss the supervision of their assets even for a few minutes. But those installed CCTV cameras don’t need to remain in good condition all the time. That is the sign of the huge demand for CCTV repair technicians. When you take the CCTV repairing training course and also have a verified certificate on your hands, there is no way you have leisure time. Your day will be busy with all kinds of CCTV repairing.

You can have a great career in a CCTV training program as it is a technical skill and a technical skill never gets old or outdated. After taking a CCTV repair training course at GURU, you have the repairing skill of the latest CCTV technology in the market.

There are a number of places where you can have your career as a CCTV repair technician. CCTV repairing centers, electronic service centers, CCTV manufacturing industries, and so on. One of the main advantages of being a certified technician is, you can start your own CCTV repairing service provider center or a CCTV repairing training institute.

So, there is no reason to worry after having technical skills and a training certificate on hand because the world market always demands skilled technicians.

Online CCTV Repair Training Course

With the advancement of technology, a busy schedule of the people, cost factors, and other reasons, there is a need for online technical training courses. GURU institution offers online courses to the students who are unable to attend the physical classes. Despite some of the disadvantages, online training courses are in demand due to several benefits.

The major advantages of online CCTV repair training course are,

  • Saving of time
  • Less costly in comparison to physical course
  • The benefit of revision due to the recording system
  • No geographical restrictions
  • Easy learning at home.

Students who are seeking the online training course can contact the GURU institute for getting their seats reserved. We also provide a digital CTEVT verified certificate at the end of the online CCTV repair training.

Certification :

For any technical training course, a valid and verified certification is very important. A verified certificate on your hands verifies the skills you have through technical training. CCTV repair training certificate would work as proof of your skills in the market. In the case of Nepal, CTEVT affiliated certificates are the best sellable certificates.

GURU is the only institute that provides CCTV repair training in Kathmandu certified training institution in Kathmandu. If you choose GURU as your training institute, it would be your best decision because you are sure to get a CTEVT certified certificate after the completion of the CCTV repair training course.

The training completion certificate provided by GURU will make you sellable in the CCTV repairing market and make it easy for you to get hired or start your own printer repairing center in Nepal. The best part of any of the technology-related training is the level of practicality it includes. At GURU, you can have fully practical sessions for each of the course content in the syllabus.

GURU has the latest CCTV repair syllabus, which is designed by considering the latest technology update in the market in CCTV. GURU supports its students in their careers by making them sellable in different repairing centers, organizations, and even to be an entrepreneur and start their own CCTV repairing center.

Learning Objective: 

  • To understand the basic elements that build up a CCTV Camera System.
  • Setting-up Camera
  • Setting-up Switches
  • Setting-up Monitor
  • Setting-up Multiplexers
  • Setting-up Quads
  • Setting-up recording devices
  • Connect and test system components.
  • To adjust the Back Focus of the lens to prevent picture and video out of focus from day to night and vice-versa.
  • To be aware of the issues related to lighting and scene illumination.
  • To be aware of the importance of the operational requirement and test protocols.
  • To be aware of the relevant standards and issues.
  • To use a lens calculator to fix the lens at the proper distance for a particular application.
  • To have an idea of the changing technology and its impact on the different sectors.

CCTV Training Course in Kathmandu

  • CCTV Systems: Introduction and Uses.
  • Elements of a Basic CCTV System: Camera, Monitor, and Digital Recorder.
  • Camera Types and Uses: Fixed and Movable, Indoor and Outdoor, Monochrome and Color, Day and Night.
  • Camera Specifications: Sensitivity, Signal to Noise Ratio, and Resolution.
  • Back Focus Adjustment.
  • Lens Types: Fixed and Variable Focal Length, Manual and Motorized Zoom.
  • Use of lens calculator.
  • Scene Illumination: Lighting considerations, LEDs, Infrared Lamp Maintenance, and Bulb Life.
  • Switches, Quads, Multiplexers and Control Systems: Types and Applications.
  • Monitors and Multiple Screen Displays.
  • Recording the Footage: Analogue and Digital Video Recorders.
  • Time-Lapse Recording, Reviewing Video Footage.
  • Cables and Connectors: Types, Uses, Limitations, Preparation, and Testing.
  • Introduction to Digital CCTV and IP technology.
  • Connection to other Security Systems.
  • Use of Test Equipment Including Multimeters, Oscilloscopes, Light Meters, Pattern Generators, and Cable Length Meters.
  • Relevant Standards, Issues, and “Operational Requirement”.
  • The Analogue or Digital option? Changing Technology and Keeping Updated.

CCTV Training Course in Kathmandu | Overview 

Technical courses are beneficial for today’s generation as it saves time, money, and effort in every way. The CCTV repair training course is one of the best courses that guarantee you a 100 percent placement benefit. Hence, the training is crucial for increment in your skills, income, and identification. Guru is one of the best institutions that can turn your dreams into reality

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1. What are CCTV systems?
2. What are Security Systems?
3. How does Television work?
4. Television System

1. Designing a CCTV System
2. Aims of a surveillance camera system
3. System design elements
4. Conditions for equipment selections
5. Camera Installation

1. Types of cameras used in CCTV systems
2. Power Supply Systems
3. Camera Performance
4. Camera Functions
5. Synchronization methods
6. Camera Mounts

1. Coaxial Cables
2. Twisted-pair cable transmission
3. Control signal circuits
4. Electrical Power Construction Requirements
5. Making Drawings
6. Preparing block diagrams
7. CCTV drawing Symbols

1. The angle of view settings
2. Lens Mount
3. Auto-Iris lens
4. Types of lenses
5. Lens Selection

1. Monitors
2. Reduced image scale on monitors
3. Notes on monitor installation

1. Sequential Switcher
2. Mufti-Viewer
3. Matrix switcher
4. Multiplexer
5. Time-lapse VCR recordings
6. Digital video recorders (DVRs)

1. Remote-controlled surveillance
2. Network camera system


Guru Institute of engineering and technology is the best CCTV camera repair training center in Kathmandu, which has been providing quality and upgraded courses over the past years and years. And we grave the huge success on CCTV repair training in certain time zone.

Don’t worry about finding us, we are everywhere just search “Nepguru” on google, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media. If you want to take this course, feel free to contact us in any medium.

The best CCTV camera repair training center in Kathmandu is situated at the heart of Kathmandu New Baneshwar, thapagau. If you face difficulties finding us either call us on a given number or track our location through the given map.

Anyone can learn CCTV repair training course, basically who have a great interest and dedication towards CCTV camera field. However, it’s easy for those who have some knowledge in the technical field.

Surveillance security is the prime concern of everyone for protecting their valuable assets, encouraging employers, customer sense of security and it also can be installed in the high-risk zone.

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Our Testimonials

Namaste. Me Sandesh Manandhar, I was a student and a trainee at GURU Institute of Engineering and Technology. I found the comfortable environment and well managed training lab to achieve the target I had set. The experienced teacher with well managed lab helped me a lot.

Sandesh Manandhar
Sandesh Manandhar
Hardware Technician

Knowledge is a thing and using that knowledge to change the prospective of yourself of admiring and analyzing the world is another. This is how Guru has provided me with the knowledge and skills in the field of chip level engineering so that I am able to compete with the challenge in the current blooming market of this field.

Kripesh Shrestha
Kripesh Shrestha
Chip Level Export
Device Hub

Hi everyone, I have done Chip Level Training at GURU Institute of Engineering and Technology. I found that GURU is the best place to train our mind and get excellence in what we want to crave. I was struggling to find the hardware training institute in Kathmandu.

Dibyashwor Baral
Dibyashwor Baral
Chip Level Expert
Expert IT Solution

Hello Everyone, I am Suraj. I had hardware training in Kathmandu Nepal at Guru and found it very friendly. At last, I found Guru is the place to develop the skills, knowledge and gain experience in chip level hardware training. Now I am BT care center working as senior mobile technician.

Suraj Bastola
Suraj Bastola
Senior Technician

Hello all, myself Ranjan Sapkota currently working as Sr. Network Technician at Mercantile communication system pvt. Ltd. I’m able to do this because of the network training I received from GURU Institute of Engineering and Technology. GURU is the place where we can learn what we want to learn.

Rajan Sapkota
Rajan Sapkota
Hardware & Network Technician.
Mercantile communication system pvt. Ltd

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