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Web Designing Course

Web Designing Course in Kathmandu

Web designing is simply known as website designing. It involves the use of images, texts, digital media, and interactive elements to create attractive websites and pages. In a web designing course, you learn to create and maintain a website by using multiple applications such as HTML, html5, CSS, CSS3, Photoshop, JS, Jquery, etc. The most significant things you have to consider while designing your websites are content, attractive look, superior layout, and ease of access to the website on all devices. So for web designing, you have to be creative and innovative.

If you are interested in designing and want to build your career in website designing then a Web Designing Course in Kathmandu will be the best option for your future. We offer the most advanced web designing courses in Kathmandu. In this course, you are going to learn HTML Tags, HTML structure, CSS properties, and how it is used to make a website look attractive and perfect. You also learn about JQuery, JavaScript, bootstrap, SEO, Photoshop, etc. in this course.

We also provide interactive sessions to help our students to upgrade their skills and motivations in web designing. If you want an interactive, effective, and practical experience with web designing then you can join us.

Which is the best Web Designing training in Kathmandu

Guru Institute of Engineering & Technology is one of the best institutes for web designing courses in Kathmandu. We have more than 11 years of experience in teaching web designing and we are well known for providing quality training in Kathmandu. Our web designing course has been designed by an expert who has been actively involved in web designing.

We provide web designing courses from expert Web Designers who are experienced and up to date with the latest designing industry. We offer practical based training which helps the student to understand clear concepts of website designing. We have a modern lab equipped with the latest devices that facilitate participants in hands-on experience through live projects. Such training boosts the confidence level of students to face real-time challenges successfully.

We provide the web designing course at the most affordable price in Kathmandu. We offer the best training environment, veteran web designing trainers, and flexible schedules for our students. We help students to build better careers in web design and provide 100% job placement. So, if you are planning to join for web designing course in Kathmandu, we assure you that we will provide the best web designing course in Kathmandu.

Benefits of joining web designing course in Kathmandu

Some benefits of the joining web designing course in Kathmandu are as follows:

  • Affordable course fee: We offer the web designing course at the most affordable price in Kathmandu. We assure you to provide quality web designing courses at the best price.
  • Flexibility: We offer web designing courses at the most flexible time. You can take classes at any time which suits you the most.
  • Quality and practical training: We provide quality and practical-based web designing courses in Kathmandu. You can learn from basic to advance levels of web designing step-by-step through practical based which help you to create attractive and responsive websites.
  • 100% Job Placement: We provide 100% job placement assurance to our students. We also provide different internship opportunities to our students.
  • Free Demo Classes: We also provide free demo classes on web designing which helps the student to make their choice.

Scope of web designing course in Kathmandu

You can find a lot of job opportunities after completing a web designing course in Kathmandu. Some scope of web designing course are as follows:

  • Web Designer: You can choose your career as a web designer after completion of this course. As a web designer, you are responsible for creating websites using your skills and knowledge.
  • Back End Developer: After completing the web designing you can become a back-end developer. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the main language in which you will be working as a backend developer.
  • Design and layout analyst: You can work as a design and layout analyst after completion of this course. Their primary responsibility is to create a structure for how the website will be designed and implemented for users.
  • UI and UX designer: You can also become a UI and UX designer after completing this course.

You can also work as a freelancer after completion of the web designing course. You can find many online companies which provide online projects to individuals.

Certification after Completion

After the completion of the web designing course in Kathmandu, we provide a certified certificate to our students in web designing. This certificate works as proof of new skills you acquire. This certificate helps the students to find new opportunities in the web designing field showing their capabilities in web design. A certificate in web designing is the easiest and fastest way to secure your dream as a web designer.

Coordinate Service Centers 

Web designing course in Kathmandu has different coordinated service centers all over Kathmandu, Nepal. They provide different services related to different electronic devices like mobiles, laptops, desktops, printers, etc. Our coordinate service centers are Mero LaptopGuru MobileDell Service NepalAcer Service Nepal, and Guru Computer Solution.

Our other training courses are as follows:


• Introduction to HTML
• HTML Tags, Attributes, Headings Elements, Entities
• Paragraph, Anchor, Image, Form, Table, Lists
• Meta Tags, Text Formatting
• Audio & Video, iframes, Symbols

• Inline, Internal and External CSS
• CSS Comment
• CSS Attributes, Font, Selector
• Margin, Padding
• Color, Background, Border, Outline
• CSS Float, Clear, Margin, Padding, Align
• CSS Opacity, Overflow
• CSS Pseudo Class and Element

• CSS3 Properties, Variables
• CSS3 Rounded Corner
• Border Images, Background, Gradients
• CSS3 Color, Text, Web font, Shadow
• CSS3 2D and 3D transform
• CSS3 Animation
• CSS3 Multi columns
• CSS3 User Interface, Box Sizing
• CSS3 Media Queries Responsive

• Introduction to JavaScript
• Data Types, Variables
• Operators, Conditionals, loops
• Popup Boxes
• Variables and Constant
• Functions, Array and Objects
• Document Object Model
• Validation of Forms

• Introduction to jQuery
• Installing jQuery
• Syntax, Ready Function, Selectors, Actions
• Events, Effects
• Slideshow & Dropdown
• Accordions, Tabs and Tooltips
• Autocomplete, Animate
• Callback, Chaining

• Containers, Grid, Breakpoints
• Tables, Columns, Images
• Gutters, Utilities
• Z-index, Reboot, Typography
• Form control, Validation
• Select, Range
• Floating labels, Layout
• Buttons, Dropdowns, Ratio
• List group, Position, API
• Background, Borders, Colors
• Display, Icons
• Flex, Float, Overflow, Position, Align
• Shadows, Sizing, Spacing
• Visibility, Approach

• Tools of Photoshop
• Creating Logos, shapes, Buttons
• Creating Web Templates

• Web Hosting
• Types of Hosting Packages
• Registering domains
• Types of Domains
• Using the Control Panel
• Creating Emails
• GitHub
• Using FTP Client
• Maintaining a Website
• Server Support


Guru Institute of Engineering & Technology is the best training center for web designing courses in Kathmandu. We have more than 11 years of experience in this field and are well known for providing quality training in Kathmandu.

The cost of a web designing course in Kathmandu is 15,000.

The duration of web designing course is 2.5 months.

We guarantee 100% placement.

Yes, we provide certified certification after the completion of the web designing course.

There are no specific pre-requisites for web designing courses in Kathmandu but a basic understanding of computers are required.

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Namaste. Me Sandesh Manandhar, I was a student and a trainee at GURU Institute of Engineering and Technology. I found the comfortable environment and well managed training lab to achieve the target I had set. The experienced teacher with well managed lab helped me a lot.

Sandesh Manandhar
Sandesh Manandhar
Hardware Technician

Knowledge is a thing and using that knowledge to change the prospective of yourself of admiring and analyzing the world is another. This is how Guru has provided me with the knowledge and skills in the field of chip level engineering so that I am able to compete with the challenge in the current blooming market of this field.

Kripesh Shrestha
Kripesh Shrestha
Chip Level Export
Device Hub

Hi everyone, I have done Chip Level Training at GURU Institute of Engineering and Technology. I found that GURU is the best place to train our mind and get excellence in what we want to crave. I was struggling to find the hardware training institute in Kathmandu.

Dibyashwor Baral
Dibyashwor Baral
Chip Level Expert
Expert IT Solution

Hello Everyone, I am Suraj. I had hardware training in Kathmandu Nepal at Guru and found it very friendly. At last, I found Guru is the place to develop the skills, knowledge and gain experience in chip level hardware training. Now I am BT care center working as senior mobile technician.

Suraj Bastola
Suraj Bastola
Senior Technician

Hello all, myself Ranjan Sapkota currently working as Sr. Network Technician at Mercantile communication system pvt. Ltd. I’m able to do this because of the network training I received from GURU Institute of Engineering and Technology. GURU is the place where we can learn what we want to learn.

Rajan Sapkota
Rajan Sapkota
Hardware & Network Technician.
Mercantile communication system pvt. Ltd

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